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Hail the King Chapter 1007.2

Chapter 1007: Former Power and Glory (Part Two)

Fei knew too little information regarding this topic.

The king only learned a little about that era after he ventured into the Last Ancestral Place of the dwarfs and found that blood journal of the dwarf king. Even though the journal told the king that something terrifying came, he still didn’t know what those enemies were.

In the last few days, Fei tried to get relevant information from Great Priest Nash, but it seemed like Nash also couldn’t clearly explain it.

Now standing before the altar that was created by the essence, body, godly power, and soul of a true god, even these Chambordians were stunned as they sensed a tragic and historical presence.

Great Priest Nash began to sing the twisting and tragic battle song, and the clear singing resonated inside this space. It sounded like rumbling drums, and the mystical tune lingered in the air.

Soon, streaks of blood-red flames appeared on the blood-red altar, and they all dashed into the stone gate that was about 20 meters tall.

“Supreme Beast God, I hope that you will bless your subjects! I, Jabbar of the Bear Clan, am willing to use my body to activate the gate leading to the Resting Place! I will not enter reincarnation, and I will guard the Behemoth Orc Tribe with my blood. My people… make sure that… you live on strong!”

A roar from the ancient times resonated by everyone’s ears.

A mass of deep-red light appeared on the stone gate, and a giant, vague figure of the true god of the Bear Clan could be seen.

With pity and sadness in his eyes, this figure ripped the space before him with his hands, revealing a blood-red tunnel that was filled with vicissitude.

Soon, the vague figure disappeared, and the spatial tunnel stabilized.

Tears already covered the face of O’Neal of the Bear Clan. A true god ancestor of the Bear Clan sacrificed himself to create the first blood-red altar.

“We need to pass through the tunnel as fast as we can; let’s not waste the energy of the altar.”

Great Priest Nash quickly reminded everyone before dashing into the blood-red tunnel himself.

Fei and others quickly filed in.

In the next moment, the blood-red altar dimmed down again.

The vague light coming off the totem patterns inside the belly of the mountain instantly disappeared, and boundless darkness reclaimed this space. Only the lonely soul of a true god who sacrificed himself 1,000 years ago remained in this space, waiting for the next opportunity to offer his power.

Fei opened his eyes when he felt light shining on his face.

A streak of bone-chilling cold wind blew by.

This was a white valley covered by ice and snow, and it was well hidden.

The white ice mountains soared into the sky from all sides, leaving a piece of sky that looked to be the size of a palm on top of the valley. There was only one thin path leading to the outside of the valley, and it was sealed by the power of ice totems. Others couldn’t find or access this path to leave or enter this valley.

The snow on the ground was thick, and the feather-like snowflakes fell from the sky non-stop. As the chilly wind blew by, it felt like sharp knives were dragged across their faces.

Fortunately, everyone here was a master, and this level of chilliness didn’t pose a threat to anyone.

Just as Fei expected, a blood-red altar and a stone gate hid inside this ice valley.

It seemed like this was the second stop on the Ancient Path of Blood of Behemoth.

It also meant that 1,000 years ago, the second orc master in the True God Realm fell at this place, using his life and soul to tear open the teleportation portal leading to the next stop for the members of his tribe.

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