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Hail the King Chapter 1008.1

Chapter 1008: End of the Ancient Path (Part One)

Since this was spatial teleportation, Fei couldn’t detect the location and coordinates of the previous portal, so he didn’t know how far they traveled. However, at the most conservative estimate, it would be more than one million kilometers.

Great Priest Nash sang the battle songs of the orcs again.

In the ice and snow, streaks of light shined on the blood-red altar. Then, the vague shadow of an orc master who had a fishtail appeared. He went to the stone gate and tore open a blood-red tunnel in the void that led to the next destination.

“He is a true god of the Fish Clan. Unfortunately, even though he paid his life and created this altar, the Fish Clan didn’t reach the [Banished Land]. To help other clans in the tribe survive, they let others go first and ended up battling to the death.”

Great Priest Nash knew everything about these 108 blood-red altars. Therefore, when the vague shadow of this orc master appeared, he introduced this figure to Fei in sadness.

“He is a god who deserves the respect of many people.” Fei and others in the envoy group of Chambord all bowed at this vague figure sincerely to pay their respect. “I believe that none of the orcs will forget about him.”

“That is for sure. The 108 statues inside the Beast God Palace hold the beliefs and spirits of the Behemoth Orc Tribe.” Although Great Priest Nash was sad, pride could still be seen on his face. “In this world, only the Behemoth Orc Tribe can have this kind of great and virtuous hero!”

Fei didn’t respond, but he had to admit that in his mind.

Behemoth orcs was a great race that deserved others’ respect, and many other races should learn from them.

“Let’s go.” The orc masters dashed into the blood-red teleportation gate first.


After going through 33 similar blood-red teleportation altars, it was already dark in the night.

Everyone set up the temporary campsite inside the belly of a mountain that was relatively hidden.

Right now, they were close to the center of the Endless Sea of Forests. No one knew what kinds of terrifying demon beasts were living here, but their terrifying and powerful roars penetrated the stone walls, resonating in the internal space of this mountain. These roars were enough to scare anyone, so no one was daring enough to go outside and check on these demon beasts.

According to the introductions given by Great Priest Nash, many orc masters died in the emigration from the Azeroth Continent 1,000 years ago. Except for the 108 true gods who sacrificed themselves and created the teleportation altars, many other orc masters died when battling the terrifying demon beasts at the center of the Endless Sea of Forests. After all, they had to make sure that the weaker orcs were safe, and they had to buy time for the altars to be created. Even a godly-king-level orc master of the Lion Clan was killed near this place.

Afterward, the orcs used the blood of this godly king of the Lion Clan and strengthened the stone walls of this space inside the mountain. This was the only way that this mountain held up when those terrifying creatures hit it, and that was why this internal space wasn’t discovered by others.

Now, Fei and the masters of Chambord didn’t dare to underestimate the behemoth orcs.

Even though they didn’t have many metal weapons, they devoured the delicious human food like hungry animals, and they were envious over everything at Chambord including the rough clothes of regular citizens…

These orcs looked like poor, ignorant bumpkins who didn’t have anything, but they had a great spirit, a superior belief, and an invincible will.

The Behemoth Orc Tribe was a terrifying and respectable force.

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  1. Flying horse

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that there are beasts capable of killing Gods just… existing in the forest?

    Humans must be real lucky none of them decide to take a stroll outside, cause there’s nothing to stop them

    • goldenxman

      Gods was killed by another world devils.

    • TetewMaster

      Yeah u know what beast that leave their teritory for a stroll, we are talking about a beast there, except human not going over their teritory they will not doing anything

  2. OG

    …and they still mentioned shaarawry in the beginning after finding Fei?!

  3. viktor002

    Maybe the “Pseudo-Gods” that caused the end of the Mythical Era were simply some humanoid beasts that came out of the forest to take a walk and ran into this civilization.

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