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Hail the King Chapter 1009.1

Chapter 1009: A Giant Shadow (Part One)

While Great Priest Nash explained everything to Fei and others, the battle between the two sea creatures finished.

The monster that lost the battle looked like an alligator, had a hard, black shell, and grew six pairs of fish fins on its body. The only fate of a loser in battle here was death. This sea creature’s giant body was torn into pieces, and the stinky blood dyed the seawater in a circular area of about ten kilometers in diameter. Also, the shredded flesh and severed limbs were everywhere, the nose-piercing foul smell permeated the air, and the beach quickly turned red as well. The scene was terrifying.

As a result, everyone had to pinch their noses and fly into the air.

“What should we do next? Are we going to fly across this ocean?” Fei asked while frowning.

At every location on Azeroth, oceans and seas represented great danger.

This ocean before the group seemed endless, and such terrifying demon beasts were not only living around the coastline. If they ventured deeper into the ocean, they might run into even more terrifying existences. If they somehow ran into a sea creature that was in the True God Realm deep in the sea, the entire group might be wiped out.

“Don’t worry; we will be picked up.” Great Priest Nash smiled mysteriously and said, “The beach is relatively safe during the day. Let’s set up the campsite here for now, and we will be picked up before the sunset. Then, we will cross the ocean. They aren’t far from here.”

Fei was surprised when he heard that.

However, he didn’t ask more questions. They just went to the part of the beach that wasn’t stained by the blood of the sea creature, and they put up the campsite and rested.

On the way from Chambord to here, Torres and others cultivated diligently. As soon as they had time, they cultivated. It seemed like they were stimulated by the orc masters. Now that they had free time to cultivate while waiting, they got into the zone quickly and didn’t waste a single second.

Valkyrie Elena also entered Diablo World to level up.

She was already a Hell Mode level 100 Magic Archer, which was the upper limit in Diablo World and equivalent to the peak Burning Sun Realm. She couldn’t level up further. On the other hand, her Paladin bloodline was at Hell Mode level 88, and it was about to reach the peak as well.

Surprising to Fei, Elena’s situation was quite different from his in this area.

Although Elena’s strength couldn’t increase further after reaching Hell Mode level 100, she somehow activated a skill system. She could kill monsters to get additional skill points, and she could obtain mystical and novel skills.

These skills didn’t exist in the seven classes in Diablo World. They were terrifying, and they were mostly related to archery.

It was clear that Elena was on another cultivation path compared to Fei.

Right now, Fei was studying a few books that he brought along with him while sitting inside his tent.

After passing Diablo World with all seven of his characters, Fei obtained a mysterious reward that he couldn’t understand, and he couldn’t increase his strength further. Therefore, the king had to find ways to increase his strength aside from Diablo World. Killing undead creatures in the real world and harvesting mystical energy was one of the ways. Until now, this method seemed to work well; two of his seven characters reached the mid-tier Demi-God Realm.

However, this method for increasing strength had a critical drawback; there wasn’t an unlimited number of undead creatures.

Right now, Fei had killed more than 80 percent of the zombies and other undead creatures inside the territory of the former Anji Empire and outside the Capital of Anji. Their number decreased drastically, so their evolution speed also dropped. It was hard for emperor-level zombies to appear among them.

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  1. He can just put more wild beast inside that place and let them become an Undead and Evolve 😀

    Thx for the chapter ^^

  2. Ariel Azevedo

    So I think I read wrong but wasn’t Elena already a demigod? And wasn’t Fei already peak demigod on Barbarian and Paladin? Pretty sure it said he was peak demigod and then it said he didn’t know how to breakthrough to full god. I’m 100% sure it didn’t said peak LOW-tier demigod but peak demigod and the comment about not being able to breakthrough to god just confirms it

    • I think Elena isn’t yet, but her strength is comparable to it. As for Fei, his Barbarian and Paladin characters are demi-gods, but not peak yet.

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