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Hail the King Chapter 1009.2

Chapter 1009: A Giant Shadow (Part Two)

The amount of mystical energy that the rest of the zombies and monsters of Hell could provide for Fei was only enough for one of the five remaining characters to reach the Demi-God Realm; that was the limit.

Of course, there was another way.

If Fei were willing to break the bright magic arrays around the territory of the former Anji Empire, letting the undead energy spread across the region, he would have almost an unlimited number of zombies to harvest and almost an endless streak of mystical energy.

However, as a good young man who grew up on Earth and was more civilized, Fei couldn’t lower himself to do such a terrible and sickening act.

To Fei, if no more evil creatures would appear and provide him with mystical energy, he must try to find another path to increase his strength.

Therefore, in the last while, Fei put a lot of time and energy into reading and studying some of the top-tier cultivation methods on the continent, hoping to find something useful for him.

Also, the king was trying to figure out how he could go from the Demi-God Realm to the True God Realm; it was a hard problem.

Ever since Great Priest Nash said that true gods and even godly kings appeared in the Behemoth Orc Tribe, Fei kept a note in his mind.

Different from the Azeroth Continent where many great wars occurred between humans, destroying many inheritances and cultivation techniques, even though the orcs lived in harsh conditions, they didn’t experience internal or external war and destruction in the last 1,000 years. Theoretically, they should have kept many complete cultivation techniques from the Mythical Era.

If Fei could borrow some of the ancient records and study them, he might be able to find a way to become a true god. After all, [Demon King’s Wisdom] and [Demon King’s Sword] didn’t have information on this.

-Further away on the beach-

Orc masters like O’Neal and Nowitzki were fighting and practicing with each other, using this method to strengthen themselves.

Fei wasn’t sure what Great Priest Nash was doing. Since this fox-man entered the beast leather tent, he rarely showed himself. Perhaps he was performing the daily prayer that orc priests did and cultivating.

After everyone had lunch at noon, Great Priest Nash drew a giant totem symbol on the white beach; it was almost circular and had a diameter of about 100 meters.

“This totem symbol is for showing our location,” Nash explained.

Fei thought for a while as he observed the totem symbol, and then he continued reading his book.

As time passed by, people were mostly cultivating on their own in the afternoon.

When it was closer to the night, the roars and cries of the sea creatures got louder and sharper. Gradually, many giant black figures appeared on the surface of the sea.

This should be what Great Priest Nash mentioned before. Since the night was approaching, the amphibian sea creatures were about to get on land and have fun.

The danger was gradually approaching the coastline.

At this moment, a streak of soft, golden flames suddenly shined on the giant totem symbol on the beach, and this light shot into the sky.

“They are here! Guys, get ready! The people who are here to pick us up are here!” Great Priest Nash shouted in excitement.

Everyone quickly disassembled the campsite in a hurry and packed up everything.

Fei looked at the seemingly endless ocean and got curious; he wondered what method the orcs were going to use to carry so many people across this ocean without disturbing and alerting these terrifying sea creatures.

Surprising to Fei, those people didn’t come from the sea.

Instead, something directly descended above everyone’s head, looking like a helicopter that was doing a vertical landing.

The large shadow quickly appeared in the sky and blocked the light of the setting sun, and the envoys of Chambord all gasped in shock.

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