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Hail the King Chapter 1010.1

Chapter 1010: Food-Greedy Pigs (Part One)

A giant flying beast appeared in the sky, and it was less than 100 meters above the ground in the blink of an eye. This beast was more than ten times larger than the biggest beast of Chambord, Blacky.

This bird-shaped beast was in faint-red, and a light flashed on it. Many small tornadoes that were invisible to the naked eye appeared all over its giant body. The small tornadoes were soft but provided a great lift force for this bird that had a wingspan about 2,000 meters.

Even Fei was stunned when he saw this.

This giant bird was so large that it was beyond any human’s imagination.

When this bird lightly fluttered its wings, powerful winds were created. The winds created sea tides that were more than 100 meters tall and rushed back into the ocean, revealing the sand and rocks that were in the seabed and covered by water before. The little and poor sea creatures such as fish got sent flying.

What shocked Fei was that this giant bird emitted a powerful aura; it was in the Demi-God Realm. It was a demi-godly bird!

It was truly terrifying! One such bird was enough to take down the entire Demon Beast Legion of Chambord.

Seeing how stunned these Chambordians were, Great Priest Nash and the other orc masters finally showed prideful smiles.

For all these days, the orc masters were almost treated like bumpkins at Chambord, receiving all sorts of kind teases. Now, they finally redeemed themselves a little and made these Chambordians experience great shock.

In a flash, this giant bird that was faint-red which looked like the afterglow in the sky quickly descended on the coastline.

Even though the beach was vast and broad, this bird’s sheer size still made it have a hard time turning around on the ground. It was a little embarrassing.

Fei clearly sensed that as soon as this giant bird’s two feet touched the beach, half of its giant body suddenly turned into the white color of the sand. The other half of its body seemed to have merged with the forest in the background; this half of the bird’s body turned into different shades of green.

“It has the color-changing ability like the chameleons?” Fei was quite surprised by this.

This was one of the innate abilities of some animals. They could change their colors according to their surroundings; it would help them escape the chase of their enemies and make it easier for them to capture prey.

This was Fei’s first time seeing a demon beast with this type of ability after he came to the Azeroth Continent. Now, this ability appeared on such a giant demon beast, and it was a little unbelievable.

Soon, Fei discovered something else that was stunning. This giant bird could do more than only changing its color. It could even block its aura and stop others from observing it with spirit energy. It felt like this bird really disappeared.

“Its name is Leona, and it is a type of rare flying beast. Its temperament is mild, and it is already more than 400 years old. It is one of the most loyal partners of behemoth orcs. 1,000 years ago, its parents and other members of its clan carried many behemoth orcs over this sea and arrived at the [Banished Land],” Great Priest Nash explained it to Fei.

At this moment, Leona’s full body was displayed before everyone.

It looked like a swan, and its figure was beautiful. Its body emitted a sense of beauty and grace, and gentle and loving light flashed in its big black eyes, making them look like gorgeous, shiny stars in the night.

“Hey, Steven Nash! May the Beast God bless you! You guys finally returned alive! Entus His Holiness has been waiting for you… huh? Who are they? Humans? How come humans are here?”

About a dozen orcs jumped off Giant Swan Leona’s back.

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