Chapter 1010: Food-Greedy Pigs (Part Two)

These orcs all looked the same.

The one in the lead was the strongest. He was about three meters tall, and he was muscular with dense body hair. He was wearing a simple, brown, rough robe that covered his body, and two vicious and curvy tusks stuck out of his mouth; they were each about 30 centimeters long and were as thick as a finger, and they almost touched his nose. Also, his head looked like that of a pig, and his nostrils were big like two black holes.

Seeing orc masters like Great Priest Nash, this pig-man laughed brightly. However, a sense of doubt and alertness appeared on his face when he saw Fei and other humans.

“These guys should be the orcs of the Pig Clan in legends,” Fei and other Chambordians instantly thought about this.

“Clan Chief Altis, so you came this time. Let me introduce them to you. These people are our honorable guests from the Chambord Kingdom on the continent. This is the honorable King of Chambord…”

It was clear that Great Priest Nash was quite familiar with this orc of the Pig Clan. While smiling, he introduced Fei and others and told these orcs about their backgrounds.

It turned out that this strong orc with the pig-head was the clan chief of the Pig Clan, a powerful clan in the Behemoth Orc Tribe.

In the legends, the Pig Clan’s combat strength wasn’t that high in the Behemoth Orc Tribe, but their powerful reproduction and adaptation abilities made the Pig Clan have a high status, so it counted as one of the more powerful clans.

Of course, food-greediness and laziness were also well-known characteristics of the Pig Clan.

The facts seemed to prove these rumors.

In the beginning, orc masters of the Pig Clan such as Altis were still doubtful, and distrust was written on their faces.

However, Flatterer Oleg observed and quickly gifted Altis all kinds of delicacies and great liquor. In less than ten minutes, the members of the Pig Clan dropped their guard and started chatting with the Chambordians while eating and drinking.

These orcs were so passionate that it felt like they re-encountered their long-lost brothers and sisters.

“Damn! They have no regard for morals! It seems like bringing Oleg on this trip is a genius decision,” Fei thought to himself.

They were going to run into some problems for sure on this trip.

After all, humans and orcs were two different races. 1,000 years have passed since the two races had contact with each other, so there was definitely going to be gaps and distrust between Chambord and the Behemoth Orc Tribe. Although Great Priest Nash and a few other orc masters liked Chambord, they didn’t represent the Behemoth Orc Tribe. Repulsion was going to occur for sure, so Oleg who was shameless and was a great flatterer could handle those issues.

The group of people got onto Leona’s soft, wide back. Even though Pig Clan Chief Altis was already drunk, he opened his mouth and sang an ancient battle song of orcs using his hoarse voice, issuing a command.

The giant swan fluttered its wings and soared into the sky.

This entire process was smooth and steady. There was no turbulence, and it felt like this demon beast was walking on land.

Leona’s back was wide and soft. Even if 400 people sat on it, this space wouldn’t feel crowded. Under the suggestion of the ‘passionate’ pig-men, everyone sat in a circle and started drinking and eating.

Oleg appeared generous and took out a ton of delicious food and great liquor.

Fei was also happy that Chambord could use this opportunity to get closer to these orcs.

The Pig Clan had a high status in the Behemoth Orc Tribe, and they had many members. If Chambord could get all the pig-men on their side, it would only benefit the kingdom in this trip without creating any drawbacks.

This time, the envoy group of Chambord brought thousands of tons of delicacies, fruit, meat, and liquor. They didn’t need to worry about wasting anything and not having enough.

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