Chapter 1011: Occurrence of Sudden Change (Part One)

The only thing concerned Fei was that Pig Clan Chief Altis was an alcoholic, yet he couldn’t drink that much before getting drunk. Right now, this pig-man was already drunk, so him directing this giant swan technically counted as drunk driving. The king wondered if Leona were going to get lost and crash into the sea on the way.

“Don’t worry. Leona has a superior memory, and she knows the returning route. With her speed, even a true god can’t catch up to her. Also, she is flying very high up in the sky. The sea creatures below can’t pose a threat to us. We only need to rest now, and we will arrive at the [Banished Land] in about a day,” Great Priest Nash laughed and told Fei.

-The southern region of Zenit, at the bay that belonged to the Byzantine Kingdom-

It was a beautiful and sunny day here.

The sky was blue, the clouds were white, the seagulls chirped, and the sea waves washed onto the beach and created a series of pleasant splashing sounds. Green trees were everywhere, and it was pleasant to spend time here.

The Byzantine Kingdom, one of the level 1 affiliated kingdoms of the Zenit Empire, was having the annual celebration to pay respect to their ancestors and the God of Sea.

People all wore their fancy clothes for this occasion, and they gathered at the harbor on the bay with joyous smiles on their faces.

Laughter and chatter resonated in the sky on this special day.

Further away, the royal guards of the kingdom dressed in bright armor, and they maintained a red-carpeted path; this path extended from the Royal Palace of Byzantine to the bay. More than 100 giant battleships floated on the water. They all had the flags of Byzantine on their sails, showing the powerful strength of the kingdom.

There was no reason why Byzantinians shouldn’t be happy during this celebration; they were living in peace, stability, and joy.

One year ago, the Leon Empire invaded this land, and the entire Byzantine Kingdom fell. The southern region of Zenit was scorched by the flames of war, and all Zenitians in the region feared for their lives every day. Their families were destroyed, their loved ones were either killed or missing, and many of them died of hunger while fleeing. That period was tragic and hell-like. Almost everyone was numbed by the pain and desperation.

When the nobles of the empire ditched its citizens to escape for their lives, the great King Constantine and the Royal Family of Byzantine didn’t stop fighting for the freedom of its people and its claim over the land.

The kind and powerful King Constantine of Byzantine was like the lighthouse to Byzantinians and other Zenitians in the southern region of Zenit during that period of darkness.

It was this young king who battled with the invaders during that time. He was powerful, charismatic, and truly cared for the people.

Unfortunately, the powerful enemies couldn’t be stopped by the king of a little affiliated kingdom.

Faced with enemies such as the level 6 Leon Empire, even the main battle legions of Zenit were crushed. Constantine was only the king of an affiliated kingdom; how long could he last?

At the critical moment, the greatest king of the most powerful affiliated kingdom in the history of Zenit, King Alexander of Chambord, appeared in the southern region of Zenit. With reinforcements from Chambord and his unparalleled strength, the king saved the Byzantine Kingdom and changed the situation in the southern region of Zenit.

Many Byzantinians still remember that night which was filled with darkness and hopelessness. When the powerful navy of Leon appeared, it was King Alexander who defeated King Buckingham and saved them from the abyss of desperation, obliterating the pride of Leonians.

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