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Hail the King Chapter 1011.2

Chapter 1011: Occurrence of Sudden Change (Part Two)

Many civilians in the southern region of Zenit held sincere gratitude toward the King of Chambord and the King of Byzantine.

The story of how the two kings of affiliated kingdoms defeated the Leonian invaders together became a legend that the traveling poets recited, and citizens of Zenit remembered.

By now, with the support and reinforcements of Chambord, the Byzantine Kingdom became the biggest affiliated kingdom in the southern region of Zenit, and even the Leon Empire didn’t dare to neglect its military forces.

Byzantinians were able to live peaceful and calm lives.

In the last year, the wounds of war gradually healed.

With King Constantine of Byzantine’s diligent management and great policies, all Byzantinians saw the hope of joy and victory in this chaotic world.

Today, it was the first celebration after the war was over; everyone was cheering and enjoying themselves.

Finally, King Constantine and Queen Izabella walked out of the Royal Palace under the guards’ protection, and everyone at the harbor cheered and applauded.

Although King Constantine was inferior in terms of reputation and power compared to King Alexander, it didn’t stop people admiring this respectable young king.

The handsome king and the beautiful queen slowly walked on the red carpet, and they waved at their subjects while bathing in the golden sunlight. It looked like a fairy-tale.

According to the plan of this celebration, Constantine and Izabella walked to the edge of the harbor and stepped onto the largest battleship of the Byzantine Kingdom.

In here, the king and queen met up with the officials of the kingdom, the envoys of other kingdoms in the southern region, and the most important guests of Chambord, who were the officials in Chambord’s navy, King Alexander’s disciple Luffy, and a few other people.

After these people greeted each other, King Constantine was about to start his speech using the magic amplification array to hype up the civilians.

The loud cheers and crazy celebration gradually paused, and people all looked up with warm smiles, waiting for the king to speak.

Constantine smiled at his queen and the guests around him, and he opened his mouth.

Before he could say the first word, sudden changes occurred.

Further away on the sea surface, a series of ear-piercing sirens sounded.

Then, loud explosions happened as ear-piercing howls resonated in the sky. Flames shot up into the sky with long smoke trails, and they exploded in the sky, creating a red image where a red saber and a red sword crossed.

This was the highest-level warning!

It meant that powerful and terrifying enemies were approaching.

Everyone’s face changed color.

Constantine instantly got serious.

All the fancy words that this king prepared turned into one sentence. “Citizens of the kingdom, don’t panic. Just like how we practiced during the blood-red warning drills, retreat accordingly!”

The blood-colored image where a saber and a sword crossed represented the most mortal danger; perhaps the kingdom would be conquered. Therefore, letting the civilians retreat was the first move.

At this moment, King Constantine of Byzantine was glad that King of Chambord recommended him to do practice drills. The kingdom had practiced this drill dozens of times, and it was effective at this moment.

Although this incident occurred out of the blue, many civilians on the harbor didn’t panic even though they were anxious, and they started to retreat effectively.

Since the Byzantine Kingdom was the southern gate of Zenit and by the inland sea, it would be invaded in most cross-regional warfare since enemy troops could travel much faster on the water compared to land.

All of Fei’s preparations and foresight paid off at this moment.

While the civilians retreated, the troops started to move smoothly as well.

More than 100 battleships quickly moved out of the harbor and formed a battle array. The troops on land also quickly stationed in the various fortresses, waiting for battle.

“Who are they? How dare they invade the Zenit Empire again? Could they be the damn Leonians?”

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