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Hail the King Chapter 1012.1

Chapter 1012: Mysterious Fleet (Part One)

While speaking, the loud, earth-shattering explosions disappeared. It was clear that the initial battle was over.

Without a doubt, the magic watchtowers and the defensive setups were all eliminated.

While magic flames burned, the magic lookout arrays were activated. The people on the harbor of Byzantine saw that about ten kilometers away on the sea surface, a mysterious fleet appeared. There were so many military ships that they looked like ants in an ant colony; it was uncountable. The fluttering flags showed red and blue as they snapped in the wind, looking like many vicious and cruel long dragons.

“So fast!”

On the kingship of Byzantine, King Constantine and others were all shocked.

The number of enemies and their speed far exceeded the estimates.

This force was powerful and fear-inducing.

Although the battleships in the front were only about ten kilometers away, it seemed like this fleet extended to the horizon where the sea and the sky merged. Even the level 6 Leon Empire couldn’t have a navy with these many ships and speed. There probably wasn’t a navy in the Northern Region of Azeroth that was this powerful.

“Could it be that this troop is from other regions on the continent?”

About 100 kilometers away from the coastline, the Byzantine Kingdom set up many visible and hidden watchtowers and checkpoints, and many Star-Level Warriors were stationed there with magic warning scrolls made by Chambord. If strange things happened, they could instantly issue a warning.

In normal situations, even if enemies were invading the Byzantine Kingdom, they would know about it half a day prior.

However, it was different this time. This mysterious fleet only exposed themselves when they were so close to the coastline, and only the watchtowers much closer to land could send the warning.

The only way that this would have happened was that the Star-Level Warriors and magic watchtowers were instantly destroyed by the enemies before they could react.

“Pass my order! Initiate the coastline magic arrays! Initiate the protective energy shields around the battleships! Prepare for battle!” Although he was young, King Constantine of Byzantine was experienced. He was shocked to his core, but he didn’t panic as he commanded the military in order.

“Ah…. This, this, this… King Constantine Your Majesty, we need to go.”

“Oh yeah. I suddenly remembered that I have another important errand to run. We need to go back to our kingdom now. Farewell.”

“I need to return to my kingdom and report to my lord. We will immediately come back with reinforcements!”

Seeing the severity of the situation, the envoys of other affiliated kingdoms who were here to participate in Byzantine’s grand celebration were all terrified. Since they were only here because the Byzantine Kingdom was on the rise, they all found excuses and fled as quickly as possible after seeing this.

Constantine didn’t force these people to stay. He ordered the soldiers to drop small vessels and move these people onto the land. After all, these people would only be burdens in the upcoming battle.

“Yuck! What a bunch of cowards!” Little Luffy cussed in disdain.

As Fei’s second disciple, Luffy was only 12 years old, but he was as strong as an adult. Perhaps it was because he cultivated a technique of the Demon Clan in the Mythical Era, he was already 1.75 meters tall, close to six feet, and he was handsome. While wearing a white robe, his aura and temperament were similar to that of Fei.

This little guy stood on the deck in determination and looked at the many enemy vessels. Instead of feeling scared, he looked excited and wanted to battle.

“King of Byzantine, I will return to [King Alexander] and issue reinforcement signals, asking the navy and air force of Chambord to come here and help. I want to see who is tired of living and dares to wage war against our Zenit!” Little Luffy sounded a little overbearing.

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  1. touring luffy definitely didn’t pay off hahahaha

  2. Thousand Vangs

    well, it was said a Leonian ship can travel 10,000 km a day jn the story. the speed of the ship mentioned in this chapter should be faster since it looked like even more shocking than the Leonian ship. but it feels slower instead since 10 km could be covered in less than 2 minutes

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