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Hail the King Chapter 1012.2

Chapter 1012: Mysterious Fleet (Part Two)

All these days, except for cultivating, he spent most of his time with Sparrow and Barbossa who were like hooligans. He picked up their hooligan-like tone and sounded shameless and a little arrogant, similar to how Fei was when he just stepped out of Chambord.

Young people are usually a little ignorant and aggressive, so they aren’t afraid of anything.

Constantine smiled and replied, “No need to hurry. Alexander His Majesty already planned for such an incident, and he left powerful fist spiritual spatial seals in the air about five kilometers away from the coastline. It is meant to stop enemies from invading. Right now, it could be used. When the enemies are within five kilometers of the coastline, you will have a good show to watch.”

“Huh? Master already anticipated such an event?” Little Luffy admired his master to the extreme! It was almost a type of worship.

While Luffy and Constantine were talking, that mysterious navy force was already less than six kilometers away from the coastline. Like arrows that were loaded onto bows and were ready to shoot out, the battleships moved toward the harbor murderously.

“Issue warnings! Tell them to stop immediately and report their name! Otherwise, Byzantine won’t show any mercy!”

King Constantine of Byzantine decided to be friendlier first before using force to better understand the enemies.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Streaks of magic arrows soared into the sky, signaling danger and issuing warnings.

However, the mysterious navy completely ignored all of it. Instead, they responded by firing their magic cannons, instantly destroying several floating watchtowers of Byzantine. The enemies were arrogant.

It seemed like this battle couldn’t be avoided.

As the king, Constantine stood at the bow of the kingship and issued many orders one after another.

He experienced all kinds of trials and tribulations when he was young, and his fate only changed after he met Fei. After that, he rose in power and battled alongside Fei. He had a lot of sea battle experience, and he had cultivated [Seven Injure Fist] to level 10, reaching mid-tier Half Moon Realm. He had an impressive aura around him, and he was one of the top-tier kings among all the affiliated kingdoms of Zenit.

In the blink of an eye, the mysterious fleet was less than two kilometers away from the coastline.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

As the rumbling noises of the magic cannons resonated in the sky, streaks of magic energy beams shot out of the enemy battleships and dashed toward the navy and harbor of Byzantine.

By doing this, the enemies made it clear that they were going to do a massacre, destroying all battleships and cities and killing everyone without even trying to persuade the people to surrender.

The viciousness and cruelty of the enemies were shown.

“Reckless!” Constantine and the generals beside him were enraged by the enemies’ arrogance and murderous spirit.

“Damn b*stards! You will soon cry out loud!” Little Luffy clenched his teeth and sneered, “Damn it! Even more aggressive than my master!”

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

While the magic energy beams shot onto the battleships of Byzantine, many green magic energy shields appeared around the battleships and blocked the terrifying attacks. These battleships were all modified by the forge masters of Chambord, and they were equipped with semi-god-tier protective runes. Ordinary magic cannons couldn’t penetrate the defense.

Those magic energy beams shooting toward the coastline were also blocked by magic energy flames that soared into the sky. High-level defensive magic arrays were put in place on the coastline as well. Fei had set up these arrays himself, and they could block all attacks below peak Full Moon Realm. The magic energy beams weren’t strong enough to break them and pose threats to the Byzantine Kingdom.

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