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Hail the King Chapter 1013.2

Chapter 1013: Asura Killing Field (Part Two)

The moon-class battleships of a level 9 empire and the attacks of level 5 magic cannons couldn’t take down a small harbor and several hundreds of small, fishing-boat-like battleships. It was humiliating!

“This… could it be that the Zenitians already know about the empire’s military operation, and they are prepared?”

Out of about 40 battle advisors, a big-headed advisor who looked young and wasn’t of high status murmured something as a glint flashed in his eyes. Then, he saw everyone looking at him, and he was startled and quickly lowered his head as his heart raced.

“If that is the case…” Montoya’s heart raced as well, “If that is the case, the Zenitians could have easily set up a trap here and are just waiting for us to barge in…”

“Although the naval force of Zenit is insignificant, it is heard that the Zenit Empire has an emperor who is a demi-god. It is easy for a demi-god to destroy a herald legion like mine.”

Montoya graduated from La Masia Royal Military Academy of the supreme level 9 Barcelona Empire, which was one of the two giant level 9 empires in the Western Region of Azeroth. Also, he had the pure Catalonia Royal Bloodline. He had a high status, and he was praised as one of the most talented new commanders in the military and one of the crucial figures in the empire in the future. Although this man was arrogant, he wasn’t a fool. After thinking this through, the ominous feeling on his mind intensified.

“Quick! Pass my order! Stop moving forward! All ships activate the magic shields and slowly retreat…”

Before Montoya could finish speaking, catastrophic changes suddenly occurred.

A streak of not-so-powerful warrior energy flame shot into the sky from a battleship of Byzantine.

Then, as if it ignited the fuse to a massive amount of TNT, the calm sea and the blue sky suddenly changed their appearances. Terrifying ripples fluttered in the sky uncontrollably, and the space in the area looked like a beautiful painting that was rubbed and crushed by a terrifying, indescribable force. Everything in the sky shattered.

The few moon-class battleships in the front were hit by this invisible power. Like eggs that were struck by a hammer, the battleships cracked instantly. It didn’t matter if the ships were made of wood or metal and if the people were ordinary soldiers or powerful masters; they cracked and shattered like a dry piece of toast. Soon, like bread crumbs, small white fragments floated on the ocean.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Giant golden sword energies that were about 100 meters long appeared everywhere, attacking with intense murderous spirit.

As the sword energies flew around, they only brought death and destruction.

In an instant, the area between five kilometers and two kilometers to the coastline turned into a bloody hell.

Gasps, screams, blood, broken ships, magic energy, warrior energy, severed limbs, wood fragments…

It looked like a living hell! It was a terrifying massacre.

All the generals and commanders could only watch.

Four giant moon-class battleships to the right had activated their magic shields. However, when a golden sword energy flew passed them and lightly touched them, the shields that could block the strike of a New Moon Elite shattered like a piece of tofu in a dicing machine. Then, these four battleships slowly disintegrated and merged into the sea like a collapsing sand sculpture.

The terrifying changes stunned everyone on the remaining battleships.

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