Chapter 1014: Courage and Honor (Part One)

“Fist Spiritual Spatial Seals!” Montoya screamed on top of his lungs as if he were a pig that was getting butchered, shouting out this term.

At this moment, his face paled, and he shivered uncontrollably as he looked desperate. As if he were stripped n*ked and tossed into a freezer, a chill rushed to his skull from his spine.

“Demi-godly fist spiritual spatial seals! I led the fleet into such a territory…”

It was done! The entire fleet was done!

“Quick! Activate the magic shields and tell the fleet to retreat! Immediately!” someone screamed in desperation, waking others up from shock and desperation.

Montoya was also woken up, and he started to scream like a madman and tried to command the rest of battleships and flee from this sea area that was like the Asura Killing Field

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Terrifying and giant golden sword energies flashed and blinked. As if they were enormous swords held by invisible gods, they continued to chop and slash on the sea, destroying battleships and harvesting life without stopping.

Thousands of moon-class battleships of Barcelona in the [Sea God’s Spear] legion came to the area in a dominating fashion, but now they were in a terrible situation. Like mice that were tossed into a pot of boiling oil, they struggled like crazy and tried to get out. When a battleship was touched by the sword energies, the ship alongside the people on it were all turned into pieces.

Blood spilled everywhere, and screams resonated in the air.

Fortunately for Montoya, he was on the flagship which was a sun-class battleship, and its abilities far surpassed other battleships around it. Also, since the people on the flagship were lucky, they instantly dashed backward when they discovered that something was wrong, and the fast, flashing golden sword energies didn’t hit them. In the blink of an eye, they dashed away by thousands of meters.

Now, the entire command system of the herald fleet collapsed.

All the battleships were moving on their own, trying their best to escape from death and heading in all directions.

The destructive blow took the arrogant herald fleet of Barcelona by surprise. Some master with warrior energy tried to escape by flying across the sea, but they exploded and turned into blood rain after they jumped up about 20 meters. Ordinary soldiers jumped into the sea in desperation, and they were soon devoured by the cold water.

This tragic scene was a one-sided massacre; it felt like the Grim Reaper was casually harvesting souls.

The terrifying power of a peak-level master was completely showcased.

-On the side of the fleet of Byzantine-

Constantine and others were also stunned by this scene.

King Alexander of Chambord personally set up the Fist Spiritual Spatial Seal Array in the region, and they were for emergencies. If mighty enemies invaded, this zone before the coastline could be turned into a killing field.

Those fist spiritual spatial seals hid in space and weren’t activated, and the key for activation was held in the hands of King Constantine of Byzantine.

Once activated, the region between five kilometers and two kilometers to the coastline would turn into an Asura Killing Field, which was equivalent to the appearance of a demi-god who would attack without holding back.

Before this, Constantine and the military officers of Byzantine already guessed that the scene might be terrifying.

However, this level of power and strength was still far beyond their imaginations.

From the glimpses that these Zenitians had, they could tell that this fleet had thousands of vessels. Also, since they were equipped with level 5 magic cannons, they were at least moon-class battleships. Although the navy of Byzantine was powerful in the region, if they had to face off the enemy fleet, they wouldn’t last long.

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