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Hail the King Chapter 1014.2

Chapter 1014: Courage and Honor (Part Two)

Now, the sword energies that the King of Chambord placed in the area half a year ago almost obliterated this fleet of battleships.

“How powerful is the King of Chambord?”

Byzantinians didn’t know that Fei had advanced to the Demi-God Realm. After seeing this, they knew that the King of Chambord wasn’t a simple Sun-Class Lord.

“This is the method that my master left behind!”

Little Luffy was excited as he watched, and he felt like his blood was boiling. The dozens of warriors of Chambord on the ship all felt proud, and their admiration toward Fei became even stronger and wilder.

Everyone on the side of Zenit relaxed.

With these fist spiritual spatial seals blocking the enemies before the coastline, even if there were thousands of enemy troops, they couldn’t get close to the coastline and pose a threat to the Byzantine Kingdom.

“It seems like we don’t need reinforcements from those two b*stards, Sparrow and Barbossa…” Little Luffy thought to himself.

At this moment, an earth-shaking roar sounded on the sea surface further away.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of explosions occurred in the sky, and many black cracks were being torn in space in a distance.

“Oh no! The enemies have supreme masters too! Someone is forcefully breaking the fist spiritual spatial seals left by Alexander His Majesty.”

Constantine froze for a moment, and he instantly understood something. His expression turned grim.

Only people on the same level as or stronger than the person who created the fist spiritual spatial seals could wipe them out from space, returning the area to normal.

These Zenitians didn’t know when, but a supreme master on the King of Chambord’s level suddenly appeared on the side of the enemies, and this person was using his great power to break down every golden sword energy that was about 100 meters long.

That shocking figure blinked in the sky where everything was distorted by the golden sword energies. This figure was enveloped in red flames, fighting against the golden sword energies and slowly disintegrating the terrifying power that was sealed in space.

Under the protection of this unparalleled master, the battleships in the fleet that had collapsed slowly gathered together and backed out of the sea area within five kilometers of the coastline. Less than 200 battleships remained.

“If this goes on, those golden sword energies won’t last long.”

Constantine slightly shook his head.

The Byzantine Kingdom couldn’t bear this war; the strength of the enemies was too powerful.

“Your Majesty, please retreat.”

“King of Chambord His Majesty once said, as long as we are alive, we can still fight back. We should reserve our strength and retreat for now!”

“The enemies are too powerful! We can’t block them!”

The military officers around Constantine quickly analyzed the situation and knew that they had no chance of winning. Therefore, they all voiced their opinions and recommended the troop to retreat.

“Prepare for battle!”

The young king suddenly became determined after a moment of hesitation.

“Remember, Byzantine is the southern gate of the empire, the first line of defense of the southern region of Zenit. Therefore, we can’t retreat without care! Even if we can’t win, we need to slow down the enemies to buy time for the Imperial Military Headquarters and the Royal Family of Zenit to react and prepare…” While saying that, Constantine suddenly raised his voice. “Today, let our swords and blood witness the courage and honor of Byzantinians! Battle until death!”

This young king’s words ignited the blood of the soldiers and generals around him.

Little Luffy stepped forward and shouted, “Warriors of Chambord are willing to battle alongside the honorable Byzantinians!”

Then, he turned around and said to other warriors of Chambord, “Let’s go and return to [King Alexander]. Prepare for battle! Also, send signals to [Black Pearl] and [Cyclops], tell them to reinforce us immediately. We will prove to our brothers of Byzantine that the warriors of Chambord are also honorable! Battle until death!”

The warriors of Chambord’s blood was boiling as well, and they jumped off the flagship of Byzantine murderously. With warrior energy flames burning around them, they dashed on the surface of the water and charged toward [King Alexander], the Reserve Whale Battleship of Chambord.

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  1. Gary Harris

    ehh, what benefit would barcelona get out of sending their fleet all the way there? don’t they have enough enemies in their part of the continent? sending a fleet to the extreme north of the continent just sounds like a great way to have your forces out of position when an enemy attacks you closer to home. it doesn’t make sense. also, it’s all a bit convenient that this happened now that Fei can’t return so quick. It’s a bit absurd.

    • Hamed El Ghoul

      nothing is absurd we don’t know what is their motive yet but s--t happens all the time and it’s in the name “chaos era “so what ever fei is here or not things will always happen for m it’s the opposite how can stuff like that happens only when he is around it does not make any sense

  2. Reserve whale or reverse whale? I am confused. Nvm, let’s just move on

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