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Hail the King Chapter 1015.1

Chapter 1015: The Grim Situation (Part One)

“Izabella, go and organize the retreat of civilians. According to our prior plan, if possible, retreat to the territory of Chambord in one go.” While the soldiers around him were hyped up and preparing for battle, Constantine said to his queen, “The enemies are too fierce. I’m afraid that only the super empires in other regions of Azeroth have this level of power. The war finally came. Once Byzantine gets conquered, no other forces in the southern region of Zenit can stop the invaders. I have a feeling that we can only reserve a trace of Byzantinian bloodline if our people retreat to the north of St. Petersburg and rely on the protection of Chambord!”

At this moment, the young and beautiful Izabella didn’t panic like normal people would.

She calmly nodded and carefully organized her husband’s armor with her slender hands. Then, she smiled and said, “I will be waiting for you in Chambord City. You must live… our child can’t be born without a father.”

“Our child?” Constantine was elated after a short daze. “You mean… you are pregnant?”

Izabella slightly nodded and said, “In the morning before the celebration, the doctor checked up on me and told me that. Dear, I know that you have honor and responsibility as the king, but you also have to remember that you are the husband of a woman and the father of a child who is going to be born soon.”

After a moment of silence, Constantine kissed his wife’s forehead.

Seeing the guards and Izabella disappearing into the distance on a small vessel, the young king’s grasp of his sword tightened, and his sharp eyebrows raised as determination remained in his bright eyes.

“Child, one day, you will hear the story of your dad, and you will be proud of him. To prevent you and your mom from becoming slaves to others, let me battle to death right here!”

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

After the last series of explosions, those golden sword energies further away on the surface of the sea finally dimmed and disappeared one after another.

The fist spiritual spatial seals that the King of Chambord left behind were all taken out.

The cruel battle was about to begin!

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“Greetings, Mr. Pedro!”

On the flagship of the herald fleet of the [Sea God’s Spear], Montoya and others who escaped from death single-kneeled before a figure who was dressed in red and blue armor, and their faces were all pale.

This man was only about 1.7 meters tall, but he looked balanced. He had short black hair and a square face, and he looked perseverant. His right hand held onto his helmet, and his red and blue cape fluttered in the wind. Although he didn’t try, a high-level and serious aura enveloped him.

Warrior energy flames burned on this man, making him seem profound. However, the flames were flickering a little. This man used too much of his core energy when trying to break down Fei’s terrifying fist spiritual spatial seals on the surface of the sea.

This man’s name was Pedro Rodríguez, and the people of Barcelona liked to call him Pedro. He was the Legion Commander of [Sea God’s Spear], and he graduated from La Masia Royal Military Academy. He was still young, yet he was one of the most important figures in this level 9 empire.

However, he was very low-profile. Compared to those famous generals of Barcelona such as Messi, Villa, and Xavi, Pedro wasn’t famous, but his strength couldn’t be ignored.

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