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Hail the King Chapter 1016.1

Chapter 1016: The City of Behemoth, Ending of the Battle at Sea (Part One)

Hearing Pig Clan Chief Altis’ words, Fei nodded.

Giant Swan Leona’s speed was insanely fast! Great Priest Nash didn’t exaggerate at all; even true gods couldn’t catch up to her. In one night, she flew for hundreds of thousands of kilometers and passed the ocean, arriving on land.

Fei guessed that this was an island. However, the size of this island was giant, comparable to a continent. Looking around from the sky above the coastline, Fei couldn’t see the end.

Strange rocks were everywhere on the island, and the edge of the island looked dark-red; no greeneries covered this place.

It should be the most peaceful in the morning, but many tornadoes were ravaging the island. The sand was blown into the air, and the sandstorm looked like a giant wall that connected the land to the sky, blocking everyone’s sight. As a result, Fei couldn’t see what was further away behind it.

Before coming here, orc masters such as Great Priest Nash and O’Neal said that the environment at the [Banished Land] was terrible and comparable to hell. Now seeing this, Fei had to admit that it was quite bad.

“This is the Starfall Desert at the edge of the [Banished Land]. Tornadoes always blow, and quicksand is everywhere. No birds or beasts can live in it, and even ants were extinguished. No creature can survive in it. We need to pass this desert to reach the relatively safe area; that is where the Behemoth Orc Tribe is at,” Great Priest Nash explained patiently.

Fei nodded.

After about one more hour, they traveled for about 100,000 kilometers, and the red desert finally started to gradually disappear.

Then, it was the endless rolling mountains. The black and grey mountains extended to the horizon, and they had little plants on them. Red soil (red clay), yellow soil (loess), and black soil (chernozem) mixed and combined, and many wide rivers and ditches existed between mountains and looked like evil dragons. These grey and dark colors made people feel desperate.

Finally, there were some vague trails of existence and activity of intellectual species.

On some tall mountains, there were god statues that were more than 1,000 meters tall, standing straight and fearless.

“This is the place where behemoth orcs live.” Great Priest Nash looked at the terrible living condition below and lamented.

Compared to the world on the other side of the Endless Sea of Forests, this place was fear-inducing and filled with desperation. In legends, this place was where gods banished the evil, cruel, and unforgivable criminals, and that was where it got its name, [Banished Land].

Giant Swan Leona didn’t just descend here.

“This is only the edge of [Banished Land], and the environment is poor. Only a few clans such as the Mouse Clan with strong reproductive and survival abilities live in caves around here. The condition is a bit better further in, and it is more suitable for ordinary orcs to live there. Although it is the center of the Behemoth Orc Tribe, it isn’t much better.”

As Great Priest Nash introduced this place to everyone, these Chambordians’ understanding of the orcs got deeper.

Fei couldn’t help but feel pity toward the fate of this tribe that was once dominating and glorious on Azeroth.

The rolling mountains were all made of soil and dirt, and there were almost no resources. There were only minimal plants, minimal ores, and a lot of soil. All those statues standing on the peak of mountains were made from red clay.

Living in such an environment without abundant resources, no wonder the orc masters drooled even looking at the most ordinary metal saber.

After about 30 minutes, the trails of orcs’ activities increased.

With Fei and other masters’ eyesight, they could see living beings moving around and doing things.

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