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Hail the King Chapter 1017.1

Chapter 1017: Wash Your Neck and Wait (Part One)

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Constantine was in a tragic situation.

His lower legs below his knees were blown off, and white bones were showing alongside the mushy flesh. His right arm was severed at the elbow, and it looked horrifying as well. Also, his body was scorched, looking like a piece of coal that was just taken out of the furnace.

This king was in this state after battling Pedro.

Recalling the prior battle, Pedro couldn’t calm himself down. Although this little king’s strength was far inferior compared to his, the fearlessness that this young man showed in battle made Pedro feel like his opponent was undefeatable in some moments. If Pedro didn’t severely injure Constantine to this degree, Barcelonans couldn’t have captured this king.

For the first time, Pedro was a little unsure if the empire could conquer Zenit.

A few soldiers picked up Constantine who was still passed out on the ground, and they carried him down the deck.

At this moment, this handsome young man suddenly woke up from unconscious. Perhaps the excruciating pain shocked him, or perhaps this was terminal lucidity, the King of Byzantine opened his eyes and looked at Pedro, and a strange smile filled with pity appeared on his face.

This smile seemed to be telling Pedro that he was done, and this influential figure of Barcelona shivered for some reason.

Then, this young king was carried away and disappeared after the soldiers who carried him took a turn at a corner.

After a moment of silence, Pedro turned into a streak of light and dashed toward the two giant Xuan’ge in the air.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Two powerful magic light beams from godly magic cannons welcomed Pedro’s arrival.

Pedro punched out with both his fists, and two roaring fire dragons dashed out.

The light beams and fire dragons clashed, and violent shockwaves dashed outward and created giant waves one after another.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the next second, Pedro already appeared in front of the magic shield of [Black Pearl].

In a flash, this man punched out countless times, and the powerful fist strikes created many rapid flashing ripples on the silver magic sphere. The giant Xuan’ge shivered and staggered like a drunken man.

“Attack! Strike! Strike down this b*stard for me!”

Captain Sparrow shouted in anger. His eyes were all red, and he looked like a bull that got its mating partner taken away. He commanded the soldiers to control the two godly magic cannons at the front of the barge and the many ordinary magic cannons at the sides of the ship, and these cannons all fired at Petro as if all the magic supply were free.

The loud booming noises created by the magic cannons resonated in the sky.

However, Pedro’s speed was too fast.

This man dashed around continuously, and he repeatedly struck [Black Pearl] with his giant fire fists at different angles. It seemed like he was looking for the weakness of the magic shield, and he wanted to shatter the protective sphere around this Xuan’ge before dashing into the barge and taking care of the situation once and for all.

The soldiers on the Xuan’ge couldn’t capture Pedro’s location and lock him down.

Every time the magic cannons fired, they only struck the afterimages that Pedro left with his high speed.

Captain Sparrow jumped around and cursed, but it was useless.

[Black Pearl] and [Cyclops] were patrolling inside the Zenit Empire as a part of their daily mission. When they received the signal for reinforcements from the Reverse Whale Battleship that Luffy was on, they instantly moved toward the Byzantine Kingdom. However, the battle was close to the end when they arrived.

People like Sparrow and Barbossa could only see the King of Byzantine getting severely injured and captured; they didn’t know if he were dead or still alive at this moment.

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