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Hail the King Chapter 1018.1

Chapter 1018: Bishop Entus of the Beast God Palace (Part One)

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Right after Captain Sparrow said those words, the two Xuan’ge instantly sped up and turned into two beams of light, disappearing into the horizon in a flash. Their speed far exceeded Pedro’s expectations.

After a pause, Pedro didn’t chase.

From the previous battle, Pedro no longer dared to underestimate the Zenitians.

If the King of Chambord and Emperor Yassin showed up at the same time now, Pedro wasn’t sure if he could win.

“I’m surprised! There is such a terrifying opponent in the Northern Region of Azeroth, the weakest region on the continent. I’m afraid that this war is far tougher than what the high-level officials of the Military Headquarters had thought.”

Seeing the two Xuan’ge retreating in peace, Pedro felt a little defeated. He turned into a beam of light and returned to the flagship with a concerned and serious expression.

When that sissy-like captain who had a red bandana on his head and the rest of Chambordians on the flying barge stared at Pedro as if they were looking at a dead man, this powerful general of Barcelona felt a sense of chill as if he were targeted by the Grim Reaper. As a result, he felt very anxious.

“Sir, after the mages healed him, the King of Byzantine has woken up. However, his mouth is tightly shut, and he isn’t willing to cooperate with our interrogation.”

A military advisor jogged over and reported to Pedro in a loud voice.

“Use punishments, until he fesses up!” Pedro sneered and said, “Make sure to heal him and don’t let him commit suicide. Before sunset, I want to know everything about Zenit, especially the detailed information about Chambord.”

“As you wish.”

Pedro stood at the bow of the flagship and thought for a moment before commanding in all seriousness, “Pass my order! Tell the fleet in the back to accelerate and get on land in two hours. Then, instantly reorganize! Before noon, we need to push 50,000 kilometers into the territory of Zenit!”

“As you wish.”

-The City of Behemoth-

Pig Clan Chief Altis led Fei and others to wander around this giant city.

After Great Priest Nash’s introduction and Oleg offering all kinds of delicious food and great liquor, Altis already treated these Chambordians as his close friends, and he told them everything he knew.

Through casual conversations and some intentional questions, Fei already figured out the power structure in the Behemoth Orc Tribe.

The Behemoth Orc Tribe that was living on the [Banished Land] had a giant population of about two billion people, including thousands of orc clans. Except for the City of Behemoth, there were more than 20 other giant cities on this continent, forming the zones for Behemoth Orc Tribe.

Based on factors such as the strength of individual warriors, population, and reproductive abilities, all clans were divided into four tiers, gold, silver, bronze, and iron.

The ten king clans were all gold-tier clans. Altis’ Pig Clan had a huge population and was one of the 108 silver-tier clans. The Mouse Clan that Fei and others saw on their way here were weak and lived closer to the edge of the continent, but they were a bronze-tier clan due to their powerful reproductive abilities. The clans that didn’t have strong reproductive abilities and combat strength but had unique abilities and features, such as many insect clans, were in the iron-tier. For example, there was the Butterfly Clan; all its members were exceptionally beautiful and gorgeous.

In normal circumstances, it was tough for iron-tier clans to survive in this cruel environment. As a result, they all became the affiliated clans of god-tier and silver-tier clans.

Taking the Butterfly Clan as an example, since its members were all beautiful women and handsome men, it was favored by the ten king clans. Its members were either maids and butlers in these powerful clans, relying on the king clans to survive. In fact, the members could even use interspecies marriage to guarantee the status of their clan.

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