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Hail the King Chapter 1018.2

Chapter 1018: Bishop Entus of the Beast God Palace (Part Two)

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Of course, in the Behemoth Orc Tribe where bloodline and inheritance were crucial, the beautiful girls of Butterfly Clan could only be concubines; it was impossible for them to become the main wives.

Fortunately, behemoth orcs had the Beast God Palace.

The only god that the orcs worshipped was Beast God Rexxar, an invincible god during battles in the Mythical Era.

It was heard that Rexxar was the only god who was in the orc form out of all the gods, and it was him who gifted the orcs the power of totems, a type of energy that could rival magic energy.

This was crucial for the orcs since they had no talent in cultivating magic energy.

Of course, not all the orcs could obtain the power of totems, just like how not every human could be a mage. Only those figures who were born with insane spirit energy could obtain the power of totems, becoming the representatives of the Beast God. These people were referred to by the orcs as priests.

The simple-minded orcs were spiritual and had strong beliefs. Therefore, the Beast God Palace and the priests all enjoyed extremely high status. The Pope of the Beast God Palace had the authority to command the entire Behemoth Orc Tribe, and even the ten king clans had to be restricted and disciplined by the pope. As a result, all priests were well-respected by the orcs.

This explained why even though Great Priest Nash was also at peak Burning-Sun Realm, the high-tier clan chiefs such as O’Neal and Nowitzki all respected him.

Without exaggeration, it could be said that the Beast God Palace held supreme authority in the Behemoth Orc Tribe.

Pope Entus, the current pope of the Beast God Palace, was from the Fox Clan, and he had lived for close to 1,000 years.

In that bloody and tragic emigration 1,000 years ago, the previous pope had to battle a godly-king-level demon beast to protect the members of the tribe, and he was severely injured. Soon after arriving at the [Banished Land], he returned to the embrace of the Beast God. Before he passed away, he chose Entus of Fox Clan to take over the position as the pope through the godly selection process.

The new Pope Entus showcased his superior talent and abilities in the long time since then, and he worked diligently to make sure that the entire tribe could survive on this continent that had a terrible environment. He earned the respect from all orcs, and even the ten haughty king clans showed respect to this pope of the Beast God Clan.

To the weak iron-tier orc clans, Entus was their spiritual pillar and the biggest reliance for survival. When this farsighted pope came into power, he proposed the idea that the ten king clans had the responsibility to protect every orc clan, and he wrote this phrase into the Godly Code in the Beast God Palace.

Due to this proclamation, thousands of iron-tier clans were protected and barely survived.

In the last 1,000 years, the orcs stayed at the [Banished Land], yet not a single clan went extinct. This record was a miracle in the history of orcs.

After 1,000 years of giving and hard work, the life energy of this great fox-man was almost depleted. Now, it was heard that Pope Entus already turned from that handsome, godlike young man into an aging senior.

In the last while, various bad rumors were passed around the City of Behemoth. Some rumors said that in order to seek the future of Behemoth Orc Tribe, Entus used his core energy to perform totem prophecy, and he was severely injured by the backlash of Heaven for touching the forbidden zone.

Now, this pope couldn’t live for long.

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