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Hail the King Chapter 1019.1

Chapter 1019: The Mysterious Pope (Part One)

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Under the Beast God Palace, the most powerful forces were the ten king clans; they were the top ten clans among all clans, and they had a ton of authority. Every single gold-tier clan had many affiliated clans, and the gold-tier clans and their members had the most powerful strength. They were the top-tier combat forces of Behemoth Orc Tribe.

In normal situations, they enjoyed all sorts of privileges and took in resources from low-tier orc clans. However, when the affiliated clans were in danger, the king clans must help with the situation and save them.

Among the ten king clans, Tiger Clan and Lion Clan were the most famous.

Except for the private soldiers of each clan, the Behemoth Orc Tribe rarely had mixed troops as the military. Once there was war, the battles were fought with the clans as units.

“In reality, our Pig Clan is very strong, and we have a large population which is only less than clans that are overpopulated such as the Mouse Clan. However, we are ranked as a silver-tier clan. This is truly unfair!”

On the way, Altis completely showcased the intelligence of a pig and continuously murmured.

Fei only smiled as he listened and didn’t pay much attention to it.

In most times, the king’s attention was attracted by the various strange things in the City of Behemoth.

In fact, the deeper they were into the city, the more shocked Fei was.

In the city, he saw things such as the sewage system, traffic lights, crosswalks, and even ‘traffic police’. These things only existed on Earth and in Chambord! On the way, the group walked by structures such as schools, markets, and prisons. From the building style and their names, they were almost all replicas of everything from Earth.

It was truly unimaginable!

Fei started thinking to himself, “Could it be that in the last 1,000 years where the orcs were trapped in the [Banished Land], their genes mutated, and they walked onto a path of science and technology?”

While walking around the city, looking at the buildings, and hearing Altis’ mumbling introductions, Fei was shocked again and again.

Even people like Torres, Pierce, Drogba, and Oleg looked surprised.

The City of Behemoth brought them a very familiar feeling.

Many things in this city were similar to Chambord City, and these Chambordians were curious.

In their minds, many buildings and names were genius creations of King Alexander, and they were unique on the Azeroth Continent. As a result, many other kingdoms and empires were stunned and tried to mimic them.

Right now, Chambord City was the pearl of civilization in the Northern Region of Azeroth, representing progress and vision.

“However, this City of Behemoth built on the poor and backward [Banished Land] has many things that are similar to Chambord City?” people like Flatterer Oleg thought to themselves and wondered if a saint who was comparable to King Alexander was also born in the Behemoth Orc Tribe.

“These are all the creations of Pope Entus.” After Fei tried to get an answer by asking some indirect questions, Pig Clan Chief Altis told him everything, “In the beginning, orcs including the ten king clans were unsure of these strange ideas of His Holiness. Many orcs were curious, and some even said that they were useless tricks. However, it was later proven that Entus His Holiness is the greatest genius of the Behemoth Orc Clan. These seemingly random creations completely transformed the lives of orcs, allowing us to survive and live well on this forgotten land.”

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