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Hail the King Chapter 1019.2

Chapter 1019: The Mysterious Pope (Part Two)

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Whenever he walked about Pope Entus of the Beast God Palace, respect and a sense of pride would appear on Altis’ big pig face even though it looked a little unfitting.

After walking for a while, Altis smiled and pointed at an extremely clean and spacious building before saying mysteriously, “I bet that you don’t know what this clean palace is for, haha!”

“Public washroom,” Fei said lightly.

“Huh?” the Pig Clan Chief was stunned. “You… how come you know? And you know the specific term for it?”

Flatterer Oleg laughed proudly and said, “The public washrooms in Chambord are in the same style as this building. They are just bigger and more luxurious!”

“Oh, I see. It seems like you humans are a little smart.” This pig-man’s words instantly offended all Chambordians.

However, Altis was simple-minded and didn’t think that far, and he continued to speak, “In the beginning, many orcs were confused by the project; they didn’t know why the tribe is using so many resources on building many public washrooms. They thought that it was a waste of limited resources and manpower. However, Entus His Holiness was persistent and pushed through all objections, building more than 10,000 public washrooms like this in the 20 plus giant cities of orcs. Later, everyone realized the benefits. Orcs no longer defecated on the street. As a result, the bad smell was gone, the air is fresher, the cities are cleaner, and many deadly, contagious diseases disappeared. On top of all this, Entus His Holiness proposed using the waste from the washrooms as fertilizers for the crops, and we started getting a lot more food! Although it is a little disgusting to use those things as fertilizers, many orcs were starving to death on this land that has a poor environment. As long as we can get full, no one cared about those minor things!”

When Altis got to this point, he summarized with pride, “This is only one of the many miraculous things that Entus His Holiness had done. Without question, in the last 1,000 years, Entus His Holiness was the true savior of behemoth orcs. He is a god who is living among us, and no one can surpass his greatness.”

Pierce, Drogba, and Flatterer Oleg all curled their lips in disdain, and they thought, “This is nothing! Our great King Alexander had done all the stuff that you said, and he even did it better and more comprehensive compared to this pope of yours!”

Fei only frowned and didn’t say anything, but the confusion intensified in his mind.

A thought that he didn’t even have faith in appeared in his mind more than once.

In reality, the king couldn’t wait to meet this pope of the Beast God Palace who had been beloved by the orcs for the last 1,000 years. He was curious as to who this legendary fox-man was, and how this man did all this.

Everything that this pope had done was what a traveler from Earth would do!

“Could it be that this pope of the Beast God Palace is also a traveler from Earth? This is too bizarre!” Fei quickly rejected this hypothesis again.

While wandering in the City of Behemoth, the king paid close attention to everything around him and observed everything in detail.

Suddenly, a cute, fist-sized green bird flew down from the sky and landed on Pig Clan Chief Altis’ shoulder. Then, it quickly chirped and said something.

“Alexander Your Majesty, the nobles of the ten king clans and the priests of the Beast God Palace want to meet you. They are waiting for you in the Beast God Palace,” Altis said.

“Ok, please take us there. I’m looking forward to this meeting.”

[TL Note: What do you guys think is happening?]

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  1. calavente

    I think that either it is a new earthling… or Alexander will go back in time and save the orcs….

  2. Raisho

    It 1k years 1 treveler

  3. OG

    Gen Akbar says, it’s a trap!!

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