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Hail the King Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Elites One After Another

Looking at the little purple bottle that fell on the grass in front of her, the First Princess seemed to not have expected this scene. She suddenly wanted to laugh; this little king wasn’t that big, but his temper was quite large.

However, the next instant, the princess’s face restored its calm.

To her, ever since her 12th birthday when the maid that had been serving her for years was killed by that brother of hers, she had never felt so powerless. From that instant, besides her cold and emotionless face, any other expressions were a luxury for her. Ever since then, no matter where or when, she constantly reminded herself to maintain her calm in front of her subordinates.

Only this kind of expression would make her look powerful, and those who dared to challenge her would tremble in fear.

God had given her a prominent life and an intelligent mind, but denied her the right to live as a healthy person. Everyday at midnight, that never-ending pain would torment her… However, even after being diagnosed by the royal family’s doctor to only have six months of life left, she still never showed any expression of pain in front of anyone. Even when she was alone in the palace, she still couldn’t relax at all.

But today, it happened.

At that instant, that sleepy-eyed look of the little king under the sun suddenly brushed aside the dust and uncovered distant memories, and that picture reminded her of an afternoon many years ago, which was also in autumn… she didn’t know why, but for the first time, she took off her disguise, and then fooled around with this king for a bit like kids. in front of him and her hidden guards, for the first time, she had revealed too many expressions that should never have been hers.

Could this be a one-time indulgence before the end of her life?

The Princess’s fingers lightly tapped on the stone table.

Her eyes lowered.

She saw the little purple bottle Fei tossed on the ground. It was just quietly lying on the green grass; the bottle’s smooth body had a bright luster on it.

Hesitating for a few seconds, she didn’t know why, but the princess suddenly got a wild idea.

She bent to pick up the bottle, then readily shook it several times and looked at the mysterious purple fluid inside the bottle. Then, she pulled out the cork, gently smelled it, and a light fragrance flowed out. After inhaling it, she suddenly felt an unprecedented feeling of ease.

Princess Tanasha quietly stuffed the cork’s back expressionlessly, but she secretly thought, “Could this really be effective?”

“Such a rude maniac. Your Royal Highness Princess, why don’t you kill him?”

A quiet voice suddenly passed through her ear.

At the same time, a purple flame suddenly cut through the air, and in the next instant, the purple flame converged, and a purple clothed beautiful girl appeared out of the thin air and stood beside Tanasha.

Her figure was curvaceous with slender legs and flawless skin; her facial features were exquisite, and she has a pair of seductive eyes that could take a man’s soul. She wasn’t wearing any armor, just a light purple cloth; she was obviously extremely confident in her power. Her purple long hair was tied into a pony tail, just like a waterfall freely falling behind her head. In her hands was a peculiarly designed thin green short-sword that had no scabbard, and the blade was directly exposed to the air…

If Fei was here, he would definitely be surprised. At least from the entrance she made and her scent, this 16 to 17 year old little girl was definitely an unfathomable elite.

“Keep him, he’s still useful. We can’t fish without bait.”

At the instant the purple clothed girl appeared, the First Princess Tanasha restored her original calm state, slightly closed her eyes, and then started lightly tapping the stone table. This was her habit. When she started to think, she would subconsciously start to lightly tap with her slender fine fingers to a rhythm, sometimes quick and sometimes slow. The pair of hands felt as if they had the power to frighten people’s souls. At Saint Petersburg, everyone that feared her all gave her a name based on this kind of light rhythmic tapping —– [Death Finger].

After a long time, First Princess Tanasha finally opened her eyes and asked, “Ziyan (TL: which means purple flame in Chinese), tell me, what did you find?”

“I just found a pile of useless garbage. None of the hounds came.”

The girl named Ziyan softly replied.

She saw that the Princess didn’t want to talk about that little king, so she no longer bothered to continue discussing about him. After all, small roles like such were no different than thin air in her eyes, so it didn’t matter whether they talked about him or not. Just like how the godly phoenix from the heavens wouldn’t have any contact with a worm on earth, Ziyan didn’t think anything would happen between the little king and the Princess in the future.

“Didn’t come? Hehe… that’s impossible.”

Her slender white fingers tapped at a strange beat, slightly hitting the stone table, sometimes slow sometimes fast, and then her ocean-like blue eyes bloomed out a look of disdain. “Based on my understanding on him, he definitely won’t let go of a chance like this. That guy wants me dead so much that he could go crazy, so those obedient dogs of his have definitely already come here and set up.”

The purple clothed girl slightly frowned, and then thought of something. She was puzzled, “Does your Princess Highness mean they used some kind of technique to avoid my search? How is that possible? No single star-level warrior could avoid the god artifact [Sky Vision]’s search, unless they sent moon-level elites this time. But the three moon-level elites of Zenit Empire are all at the capital right now.”

“In this world, nothing is absolute. Maybe he found a way to help his hounds avoid [Sky Vision]’s search, or maybe he recruited a new moon-level elite, or maybe he has other ways to kill me… All in all, he will make a move for sure, and that’s unquestionable.”

“Then what should I do next?” The purple clothed girl accepted the Princess’s judgement. In fact, no one dared to doubt the elite of this emaciated body, because she had never been wrong a single time.


[Death Finger] started tapping her unique rhythm, and her blue eyes shined with a unique brilliance, “Whatever he hopes I do, I will do. We both know perfectly well about this kind of battle; it’s all about who has more cards… But, it’s just that for this poor Chambord City, I’m afraid that after this battle, not much will be able to remain standing.”

“That arrogant little king was being that rude just now, so even if the whole city is destroyed, we are still letting him off easy.” Ziyan was cold like an iceberg, completely uncaring about people’s lives and deaths. There had already been countless people that lost their lives to her hands. In the midst of this chaotic world, lives were as worthless as dirt, and no one deserved pity.

“We will dismiss this topic. You’ve work hard recently, so go rest. From today onwards, you don’t have to activate [Sky Vision] to search anymore. Make preparations, and three days later, everything to come to light.”


Ziyan still wanted to say something, but she saw Her Highness close her eyes and wave her hands, so she had no choice but to stop. She lowered her head, and then a purple flame exploded into the air without any heat. When it disappeared, so did the girl.

Princess Tanasha got up and walked to her room.

No one saw, but that purple bottle of potion had now been taken into her palms.

At the same time.

At a Chambord city guest house, in a relatively secluded stone courtyard.

“Your Highness, after those women entered the back mountains of Chambord city, they never came out. Your subordinate noticed that there are actually many guards set up near the prison in the Chambord city’s back mountain. The security level is very high, and it will be very difficult to get in without alerting them. Your subordinate is afraid that going in hastily might startle the enemy and hinder your plan. Therefore, I arranged a few soldiers to monitor the situation on the peripheral regions, and I personally came back to report the situation to you.”

In front of Thrace Country’s blonde prince Aobina, the soldier that was sent during daytime to follow Elena and the nun Akara was kneeling on the ground to report the whereabouts of those female rogues.

“As for the that bald fatty’s identity, I also got some information. He is Chambord city’s warden Oleg, currently one of the favorite underlings of the king. He has a one star-level warrior’s strength, and is just a small character… The strange thing is that those women’s origins are very mysterious; it seems like no one in Chambord city knows where they came from, nor did they previously appear in the city,” The guard reported.

“They actually went to the back mountain… that’s strange!” Aobina’s beak-like nose went up and down a few times, and then he asked again, “Did they all disappear in the back mountain? No one left during the mean time right?”

“Your Royal Highness, no one left the entire time.”

“Okay, then that’s good. Go deploy more soldiers. Tightly peg all the paths in the back mountain area. The moment they appear, immediately report back to me.”

Aobina thought for a second that these women probably didn’t have too big of a background. Although their strength wasn’t ordinary, their clothing seemed a bit poor, and their armor was mainly made with beast skins. Other than that 4-star long bow on the back of that peerless red-hair beauty, there wasn’t anything else extraordinary. Maybe they were a team of mercenaries from somewhere far away, hired by the young king of Chambord City to maintain order during the ceremony. Towards these kind of people, Aobina wasn’t too worried about the consequences of robbing their long bow. Besides, these girls were all very beautiful, so if he could also find a way to capture them alive, whether it was for keeping them to himself or gifting them to the aristocrat families in St. Petersburg, both were very good options.

He decided to act the moment these girls made their next appearance, and first acquire that 4-star golden bow before he had to perform his real mission. With this extraordinary bow in hand, he would have more confidence about the mission he would be carrying out in three days.

The guard got his order and quickly left the stone courtyard.

At that moment, the guard named Okocha that Aobina sent earlier to investigate that mysterious elite that flew across Chambord city came in. He quickly walked towards Aobina, kneeled down and reported, “Your Highness, the mysterious elite went into the Chambord city’s palace, and there have been no movements ever since. I waited and looked for almost half the day and still didn’t catch any unusual events. It’s just that the empire’s First Princess’s female guard Susan visited the palace and brought the little king Alexander to where the Crowning Emissary group is stationed… I suspect that mysterious elite, is very likely King Alexander himself.”

“Alexander? That’s impossible.” Aobina was shocked for a second, but soon he shook his head and replied, “3 star-level is the highest this idiot can go. Although I don’t know how he turned from an idiot to a 3-star warrior, if you’re saying that he leveled up again to 4-stars in just three or four days, that’s absolutely impossible. Even the continent’s [Martial Art God] Maradona didn’t train so quickly.”

Pausing for a second, Aobina signaled Okocha to be dismissed.

He frowned and thought for awhile as he mumbled to himself, “It seems like this mysterious expert should be [Ice Asura], Princess Tanasha’s man that was placed in the palace. She must have known something early on… But she purposely showed this card of hers… What’s the real meaning of this?”

Aobina couldn’t afford to hesitate the slightest.

He knew very well of the methods that this Princess Highness used.

Although Aobina was always arrogant and confident in his intelligence, and he indeed had some small clever tricks up his sleeves, he knew very well that his capability was only good enough to fool normal people. In comparison to Princess Tanasha who was known to be the [Ice Asura] and [Female Wisdom God] by the whole empire, he was completely no match for her. What he could do wouldn’t even be enough for this princess to frown slightly. He didn’t doubt that as long as this princess wanted to, just one idea would be enough for him to die hundreds of times without even finding out how.

“Luckily, this time someone will come take care of her, and I’m just running the errands.”

After he stopped thinking about [Ice Asura], Aobina’s attention returned to Chambord city’s little king. Although he didn’t agree with guard Okocha’s judgement on the mysterious elite, he was the type of person that would always be cautious and alert. Thinking for a second, he said to a giant-like tall burly guard on his side, “You find an opportunity to test Alexander’s strength. Don’t get carried away; just retreat after forcing out his true strength. Spare his life, since it still has some use.”

The big guard agreed, and a ball of yellow flame flashed below his feet. His giant body actually started sinking slowly as if he was in the water, and he ultimately disappeared from the stone floor, not even leaving the slightest trace behind.

Another elite.

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