Chapter 1020: More Stories About the Pope (Part One)

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Walking along the path by the river, Altis took Fei and others toward the Beast God Palace by taking a shortcut.

All kinds of buildings stood by the path.

“Wahaha! [2 Bamboo]! Calling Mahjong!”

“Damn! You have [3 Bamboo] and [4 Bamboo]! False Mahjong! How dare you?”

“Stop the BS! I called Mahjong! Quickly give me the money! What? Do you want to deny me my money? I will kill you!”

When passing by a two-story building, Fei heard an orc of the Bull Clan shouting in joy, and a series of chatter followed. The crisp noises sounded like many small rectangular tiles were being knocked into each other, and it startled Fei, almost making him drop to the ground by the river.

“WTF? Damn! These orcs… are playing Mahjong? They are really playing Mahjong?” Fei thought to himself.

[TL Note: Mahjong is a tile-based game that was developed in China during the Qing dynasty and has spread throughout the world since the early 20th century.]

“Haha! These things are fun! For real, you can never anticipate the charisma of those small tiles…”

Seeing the shocked expression on Fei’s face, Pig Clan Chief Altis said proudly, “Since the [Banished Land] lacked entertainment, many orcs had nothing to do at night and focused their attention on reproducing. For a while, the orc population skyrocketed. It should be a good thing that represented the prosperity of clans, but problems soon appeared. The resources on the [Banished Land] are limited, and the land couldn’t supply enough food to feed so many orcs. Later, a great famine struck, and clans fought each other. Even tragic scenes such as orcs eating orcs appeared. Therefore, Entus His Holiness proposed the idea of family planning. In order to solve the key issue of a lack of entertainment, His Holiness created many novel and interesting things such as this thing called Mahjong. Of course, there are basketball, soccer, volleyball…”

“DAMN!” Now, Fei was at a loss for words. He was almost 100 percent sure that this so-called Pope Entus of the Beast God Palace was also a traveler from Earth.

Otherwise, even if a native fox-man were the most intelligent person in the world, he couldn’t create so many things that only existed on Earth and only in Fei’s memory. There couldn’t be so many coincidences

Now, Fei couldn’t wait to see this pope of orcs.

It felt like a man who was traveling the world suddenly met someone from his hometown. Fei couldn’t help but feel intimate toward this mysterious pope and want to talk to him.

On the way, they passed by many totem poles.

These poles were carved out of a type of stone that was extremely firm. Complex and mysterious patterns were engraved onto the poles, and they could attract the weak natural elements in the area.

Also, the totem poles released light elements into the city, maintaining the climate and environment. These totem poles were the reason that the cities were much better than other places on the [Banished Land], and they had defense and protective abilities, which was similar to the magic towers in the human cities.

These are all the mysterious powers of the totems of orcs.

While the Pig Clan Chief praised the pope and talked, the group walked for about half an hour and got to the edge of a giant green stone square.

“We are here. The Beast God Palace is here,” Altis said.

“Huh?” Fei and others were all surprised. They thought that since the Beast God Palace and Pope Entus were highly respected and held extreme prestige, the Beast God Palace should be the grandest and the most majestic building in the City of Behemoth. However, the empty square in front of them was the complete opposite of the scenes that they had imagined. They had thought that majestic palaces and statues would stand everywhere, many priests would be walking around, and elite orc soldiers would be patrolling the area.

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