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Hail the King Chapter 1020.2

Chapter 1020: More Stories About the Pope (Part Two)

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“The unparalleled Beast God Palace is only a big square with some tents?”

It seemed like Altis already anticipated everyone’s reaction. This pig-man laughed and pointed at a giant fur tent at the back of the square that looked a little worn-out, and he said, “That is the residence of Pope Entus His Holiness. Right now, the chiefs of the ten king clans and the priests and shamans of the Beast God Palace should be waiting for you. Please!”

After saying that, Altis led the way and walked forward.

In not too far, they saw Great Priest Nash who was standing by the edge of the square. He was smiling, and he quickly greeted them when he saw them.

Seeing the smile on Nash’s face, Fei guessed that things were going smoothly.

“Although the ten king clans have questions regarding the alliance with Chambord, Entus His Holiness seems to be really interested in Your Majesty after hearing our report. Everything isn’t finalized, but there shouldn’t be any problems,” Nash whispered into Fei’s ears.

The king nodded calmly; everything was within his expectations.

If this legendary pope of orcs were also a traveler from Earth, he would be interested in Fei for sure after hearing about Chambord.

Fei looked around and observed.

There weren’t many orcs on the square, but they were all-powerful. The orc soldiers were at least at Moon-Class, and they looked to be the private soldiers of the ten king clans. They should be the guards of the clan chiefs who were here for the meeting.

The square was about five kilometers on each side. Except for a few hundreds of totem poles that were 20 meters tall, there were only a little over 20 tents that looked worn-out and full of patches.

Also, some priests who were in leather robes could also be seen from the edge.

“The Beast God Palace sure is thrifty and efficient,” Fei sighed.

Great Priest Nash instantly commented with respect, “These are all Entus His Holiness’ decrees. His Holiness has always been against being wasteful. The ten king clans planned to construct a giant Beast God Palace and a Pope Palace, but the projects were all canceled under Entus His Holiness’ objection. The resources that were meant to be used to construct those projects were used to build public washrooms, sewage systems, schools, and sports fields in all the giant cities of orcs. Entus His Holiness said that it is Beast God Palace’s responsibility to bless the subjects. Priests and shamans shouldn’t be in fancy palaces and looked up to by the people. Instead, we should live frugally and frequently go to remote places on this land and educate the poor clans, bringing the light of Beast God Rexxar to every clan! Therefore, these mobile tents are the best residences for priests and shamans. Even Entus His Holiness would live in different cities of orcs each month, and he used the precious power of totems to heal orcs and get rid of natural disasters. Even the iron-tier clans would be blessed by His Holiness’ meticulous care and blessings.”

On the way, Altis had told Fei and others many things about Entus. However, now hearing this, they instantly respected this pope of orcs a lot more.

“If this is the case, Pope Entus is a saint and is on the same level as King Alexander,” every single master of Chambord thought about this, and they greatly respected this legendary fox-man.

“We are here,” Great Priest Nash said when they arrived at a tent that was made from old fur and dry aspen wood.

At this moment, more than a dozen powerful orcs of different clans walked out of the tent. With caution, they blocked Fei and others’ path with their tall and muscular bodies which formed a wall.

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