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Hail the King Chapter 1021.1

Chapter 1021: Snake Beauty (Part One)

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“They are Entus His Holiness’ most loyal followers. All of them had been helped by His Holiness, and they volunteered to follow and protect His Holiness. They are the bravest warriors of the behemoth orcs.”

While Great Priest Nash explained that to Fei, he said to the followers of the pope, “Guys, these are the honorable guests who Entus His Holiness wants to meet.”

These followers all came from different clans. There were 23 of them, and they came from clans such as the Centaur Clan, Bull Clan, Tiger Clan, and Lion Clan. The weakest one among them was at peak Half Moon Realm, and there were also nine low-tier demi-gods. Besides, the blond tiger-man and the red-haired lion-woman emitted a level of aura that Fei couldn’t even see through.

The overall strength of this team of followers was shocking!

If they were on the Azeroth Continent, they could create a level 7 empire at least.

Fei felt like he had to re-evaluate the strength of the Behemoth Orc Tribe.

The red-haired lion-woman, who had a shocking level of strength, observed these Chambordians for a while, and she pointed at Fei and slowly said, “Only he can enter. Also, he must take off his weapon, cloak, and storage rings.”

“How dare you!”


Oleg, Pierce, and Drogba all shouted, “How dare you be so rude toward our lord? Hmph! Even when His Majesty goes to the godly palaces of the Holy Church, he never took off his weapon and belongings. Your request is too rude and offensive!”

The followers of the pope didn’t reply; they fell silent and block the entrance of the tent with cold expressions.

Suddenly, the atmosphere was a little heated and combative.

Fei waved his hand and signaled others not to worry. Then, he took off the cloak that covered his head, handed the storage rings to Torres for safekeeping, and allowed the red long-haired lion-woman to scan him with spirit energy.

After not discovering any magic storage items, this lion-woman told others to wait patiently, and the followers moved out of the way and let Fei pass through the entrance.

Unfortunately for them, they didn’t know that Fei’s belt contained storage space, and the king’s main weapons were never kept in storage rings but were equipped on his characters in Diablo World. He could easily summon the things that he needed with a thought.

On top of all that, the king could summon those peak Burning Sun Realm barbarian warriors. With such a powerful force, the king didn’t need to worry about safety.

“So, humans actually look so good. This man can rival those gorgeous males of the Fox Clan and Butterfly Clan.”

The red long-haired lion-woman probably was still young, and she thought like a teenage girl. When she whispered to her peers such as the blond tiger-man, what she said was picked up by the king who had insane spirit energy. Therefore, the king subconsciously glanced at this muscular lion-woman who should be a great beauty under the standards of orcs, and he laughed in his mind.

“Human, what are you looking at!” The lion-woman detected Fei’s glance, and she blushed and shouted.

Fei curled his lips and didn’t respond. Instead, he opened the curtain before him and entered the tent.

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  1. TetewMaster

    Dear author, with 9 low tier demi god warrior, they just could create a level 7 empire at least ??? Not level 9 at least ???
    If i remember leon empire is just level 7 empire and they just have 4 sun class lord,

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