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Hail the King Chapter 1021.2

Chapter 1021: Snake Beauty (Part Two)

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Just as Fei expected, this tent that looked worn-out from the outside was actually a spatial item, similar to Akara’s little purple tent in Diablo World. The only difference was that this spacious tent wasn’t empowered by magic but the power of totems.

The space inside the tent was huge, not smaller compared to the square outside.

A mystical carpet was laid on the floor, and it was extremely soft. The interior decoration made this place look like the interior of a solemn godly palace, and it was simple, ancient, and grand. Although it wasn’t luxurious, it was dignified. The faint silver light that was radiating from the walls made people feel comfortable and calm.

The stone pillars in the palace were carved into various orc warrior statues. This seemed to be an advanced totem technique, supporting the giant internal space.

As soon as Fei stepped into the tent, he sensed various cold glares landing onto him at the same time. They were filled with different emotions such as confusion, curiosity, judgment, and doubt.

More than 20 orcs who had been waiting here all stared at Fei.

Although these orcs were from different clans, their presence and attire were more prestige compared to orcs who Fei had seen at other places in the City of Behemoth. Most of them were wearing cotton clothes that were meticulously made and precious fur coats or metal armor and carrying well-polished and maintained weapons.

They all looked dashing, and their strength was on average at peak Burning Sun Realm.

If Fei didn’t guess wrong, these orcs were the clan chiefs and high-level nobles who had great power and privileges in the tribe.

Fei glanced at these prestigious nobles and looked toward the depths of the palace.

Unfortunately, the stone chair that was furthest away from the entrance was empty. It should be Pope Entus’ seat, but for some reason, this legendary fox-man wasn’t here.

“Hey, are you that human king who Little Nash mentioned?”

A half-human, half-snake beauty of the Snake Clan broke the silence. While she twirled her long green tail, this snake beauty moved close to Fei and carefully observed him in curiosity.

“Tsk, tsk. I’m Jankovic, the chief of the Snake Clan which is one of the ten king clans. Handsome Boy, I’m pleased to meet you.”

If only paying attention to the top half of her body, this snake beauty was stunningly gorgeous. Her fair skin looked as smooth as jade and emitted a faint light, and her fluffy and curly long hair rested on her shoulders. Her delicate collarbones, watery eyes, cute nose, bright lips, and smooth forehead all made her look exceptionally exotic and beautiful, intoxicating others.

This snake beauty’s charm was on another level! Under her beauty, even her long green tail looked pretty.

After being shocked by her beauty for a split second, Fei suddenly realized something.

He slightly backed away and released his vast spirit energy. With that simple move, he instantly shattered this mythical atmosphere.

When Fei looked up again, although this snake beauty was still gorgeous, she no longer made others wanting to instantly kneel before her dress and be taken by her seduction.

It was clear that this snake beauty mastered an enchantment technique, and she could lure any male.

However, Fei’s spirit energy was too powerful. With a thought, he instantly broke this secret technique with ease.

[TL Note: LOL, finally something happened. The author did spend many words on the build up.]

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