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Hail the King Chapter 1022.1

Chapter 1022: The Observation of the Ten King Clans (Part One)

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The other masters of the gold-tier clans watched this scene and were shocked.

“Hahaha! Jankovic, you coquettish snake! You failed this time!” a strong man who was at least ten meters tall laughed and gloated; it sounded like a series of thunders rumbled in the tent.

This man had light-green skin, and his bulging muscles looked like they were carved from stones. He looked like a violent battle beast, and the horn on his forehead and his tough body told Fei that this man was a master of the Green Rhino Clan, which was one of the ten gold-tier clans.

This man was straightforward and said everything on his mind. Just as expected, he was from the clan whose members had the least amount of intelligence.

After Fei broke her technique, and the green rhino who lacked intelligence teased her, Beauty Snake Jankovic didn’t get angry. With a gentle smile on her face, Jankovic raised her arm and placed it on Fei’s shoulder.

Then, while winking, she teased Fei by saying, “Hehe, I didn’t expect this. You are a ‘little white face’, but you have some strength. It seems like not all humans are timid and lustful.”

“I heard Nash say that your human kingdom is very wealthy and resourceful. There is an endless supply of iron, great wine, honey, and silk… it truly makes me envious. Little Brother, how about we talk about the trade? If you can provide armor and metal sabers to our Snake Clan, hehe, we have many beauties like me in our clan. If you can help us, you can pick anyone. You can even choose me. I’m still a virgin.”

This beauty snake was truly terrifying. She was extremely charming, and her moves were coquettish and alluring. With her slender waist, watery eyes, and faint fragrance, she was like a fire that could melt any male. All men would go crazy over her.

Although Fei wasn’t a virgin anymore, he still had issues resisting Jankovic’s seduction.

As the king slightly frowned, he sent out a hidden energy wave in a flash and knocked this beauty snake’s hands away. Then, he smiled and said, “I’m here to talk about the alliance between Chambord and the great Behemoth Orc Tribe. If we do establish the alliance, Chambord can provide armor and weapons to the Snake Clan for sure.”

“You sure don’t understand a woman’s heart, but you are not bad. Little Guy, you passed the first test.”

As soon as this beauty snake said that, her aura suddenly changed. She turned from a coquettish and seductive woman to a solemn, noble, and ethereal woman. Then, a powerful sensation appeared on her, making her turn from a call girl to a pure goddess.

This sudden and drastic change presented a huge visual shock, and Fei almost bit his tongue off.

At this moment, this beauty snake seemed to be the real Snake Clan Chief who was one of the most powerful masters in the gold-tier clans.

Seeing this, other orc masters nodded in secret.

Since Fei first walked in, these masters had been observing him. Beauty Snake Jankovic’s flirting was one of the ways that they came up to test Fei.

In honesty, the nobles of Behemoth Orc Tribe were extremely interested in establishing the alliance with humans. If humans were now as great as Great Priest Nash claimed, and the stories that they heard about Chambord were true, allying with the Chambord Kingdom was in the best interest of the orcs, especially for the gold-tier clans such as the ten king clans.

However, Pope Entus of the Beast God Palace had a famous quote. “Be not afraid of godlike enemies, but only scared of pig-like teammates.”

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  1. Be not afraid of godlike enemies, but only scared of pig-like teammates.” my motto when i play online games ;Dthks for chap

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