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Hail the King Chapter 1022.2

Chapter 1022: The Observation of the Ten King Clans (Part Two)

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Before these orc masters could determine if the King of Chambord were a god or a pig, they were cautious toward the idea of the alliance. After all, in many legends and stories that were told in Behemoth Orc Tribe, humans were described as beings filled with creativity, intelligence, and power. However, they were also known for their greed and violence.

Therefore, these orc masters had to test the character, demeanor, and strength of this leader of their potential ally before deciding on this issue.

Fei’s series of behaviors and actions made most of the high-level nobles of the gold-tier clans like him.

Also, Fei unleashed a little bit of his strength to shake off Beauty Snake Jankovic’s hand. The power showcased in that split moment surprised many orc nobles.

Of course, these were far from enough.

“I heard Nash say that you are not only the honorable King of Chambord but also a talented and powerful warrior. I, Green Rhino Clan Chief Pippen, want to have a practice battle with you,” the giant master of Green Rhino Clan who spoke to Jankovic earlier stated his name and brought up this idea to Fei. It was clear that this green rhino didn’t come up with it himself; someone must have taught him this.

However, Fei was never afraid of any battle.

Just as the king was about to open his mouth and accept the challenge, a master of Bull Clan who carried a huge saber on his back suddenly walked out of a side gate in the depths of the palace. He looked like one of the pope’s followers.

After glancing at the king, he said in his loud voice, “Entus His Holiness wants to meet this honorable guest first. Clan chiefs, can you let the guest enter the back palace first?”

“Of course! There is no issue about it!”

“Entus His Holiness is being too polite with us!”

“That is good! Is Entus His Holiness feeling better?”

The orc nobles and masters weren’t displeased when they were interrupted. Instead, they all nodded passionately and were excited.

Fei could tell that these influential and powerful orc nobles of the gold-tier clans weren’t acting and putting on a show to get on the pope’s good side. Instead, it was a high level of respect and admiration that came from the bottom of their hearts. It was evident that they loved and admired this pope.

It seemed like people such as Pig Clan Chief Altis and Great Priest Nash of Fox Clan were telling the truth. This pope of the Beast God Palace had the highest reputation and prestige among the orcs. Even the most influential figures at the top of the power pyramid in Behemoth Orc Tribe respected him.

“I will battle you after you meet Entus His Holiness!” the green rhino-man patted his chest and said in excitement.


Fei accepted the challenge and walked through the back door at the depths of the palace by following this follower of the pope.

After going through this door, Fei realized that he was now only at the middle palace.

There were more than a dozen followers from different clans, and they looked at Fei with alertness and caution. After doing the inspection, they led Fei to the last gate at the back of the palace.

“Entus His Holiness is in here. He invited you to enter alone.”

Fei took a deep breath before pushing open the door and walking inside.

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