Chapter 1024: I’m About to Die (Part One)

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After acting crazy for a while, Fei and Entus changed their clothes and walked into the living room beside the tennis court.

They sat on the couch with their legs crossed, drank freshly-made juice, and started communicating and talking non-stop.

“Never even in my dreams did I think that I can meet a homie like you in this world,” Fei said, “I thought that after I traveled to this world, I had to say goodbye to Earth forever.”

“On the contrary, I have been waiting for this day,” Entus said with slight sadness, “Damn it! I waited for 1,000 years!”

“Damn son! Could it be that you knew from a long time ago that I would come here?” Fei asked with great curiosity.

Entus nodded and said, “To be honest, I sometimes wished that time could pass by faster so that this day would come earlier. This way, I can have someone who can understand what I’m saying and play tennis with me. You are the only person in this world that can understand what I’m saying when I talk about Doraemon, Transformers, Saddam Hussein who got hung, and potential places where this b*stard Bin Laden is hiding. Of course, we can also talk about the essence of Japanese adult videos and… However, when this day came for real, I’m a little reluctant to give up.”

[TL Note: You can tell that this book is old since Bin Laden wasn’t killed yet. Also, you may already guess that Japanese adult videos are big in China.]

“What do you mean by reluctant to give up?” Fei asked with a smile, “Now, I’m here! You wish is granted, right?”

Entus looked at Fei in all seriousness and said after a moment of silence, “Now that you are here, I’m about to die.”

Fei was shocked. After seeing that Entus didn’t seem like he was joking, the king asked in confusion, “Die? How come? You still look young, and you don’t have any signs of illness and disease…”

Entus didn’t respond right away. After a while, he replied, “Fate had already planned all this. Nothing can be reversed. Now that you are here, it means that my mission here is done. Me staying here would become meaningless… Stop, don’t ask why. Soon, you will know everything about this.”

Fei opened his mouth already, but he didn’t know what to say.

This topic was quite heavy.

The king thought for a moment and changed the topic, and he smiled and said, “From what we talked about so far, it is clear that we are from the same generation. How come you already lived in this world for 1,000 years? According to time, China was still in the feudal period 1,000 years ago. You should be someone from that era!”

Entus laughed and replied, “You should know that temporal magic exists in this world. For those beings who are on the highest level, it should be quite easy to make two souls who are from the same world and the same generation to descend on this land 1,000 years apart.”

Fei patted his head and instantly realized that he asked a stupid question.

“It seems like 1,000 years didn’t change your looks. At least right now, you are still young.” Fei continued to change the topic.

“This is one of the benefits that that existence granted me. I can live for exactly 1,000 years, and I can maintain my health and energy. I will always be energetic and won’t get sick in these 1,000 years.”

“Oh, oh. Forever young? This is an alluring benefit. So, are these items apart of the travel benefits as well? Things like LED TV, computer, iPad, and air conditioner?” Fei was extremely envious.

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