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Hail the King Chapter 1025.1

Chapter 1025: Long Talk (Part One)

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At this moment, a lightning bolt seemed to have flashed in Fei’s mind, and it lit up something. However, Fei tried hard but couldn’t capture the string of information that dashed by.

After thinking for a while, the king could only sigh and give up. Then, he asked, “You came to this world, became the pope of the Beast God Palace, and saved the fallen behemoth orcs. Could it be that the supreme god who talked to you values the information in your head that came from the information explosion era? The information that is far beyond this world? It is strange. According to what you said, since that existence is a supreme god, he should have unlimited power. Then, he can protect and shield the orcs himself; why would he need anyone else?”

Entus sighed and said, “I asked him the same questions 1,000 years ago, and the answer I got was that he encountered a terrifying enemy, and he was in a sticky situation. He didn’t have time to care for behemoth orcs. All the forces on his side crumbled, and he was severely injured and couldn’t live long. Also, the reason that he found me was that there had been a prophecy; only the souls from another plane have the chance of defeating the enemies.”

After saying that, Entus paused for a second before continuing with a self-mocking tone, “I don’t know if you believe that, but I do. In this magical world, sometimes things like prophecies are f*cking accurate and bizarre. Once a prophecy is made, you have to treat it as the truth. Haha! The beings in this world, including supreme gods who could do anything, believe in such things.”

“That is true.” Fei nodded. The king agreed with this point whole-heartedly.

Fei said, “On the Azeroth Continent, there are many prophecies, and their origins couldn’t be traced. However, many people believe in them, and the outcomes and events that occurred later all proved that these prophecies are true. The good thing is that the existence who chose you didn’t make the wrong decision. You have completed your mission; the behemoth orcs have survived on this land that lacks resources. In the last 1,000 years, this tribe didn’t disappear, and you became the saint that every orc looks up to. You have supreme prestige in this tribe. After seeing what I have seen in the City of Behemoth, I have to admit that you did it much better than me.”

“Hahaha! Nash also told me about everything that he saw in Chambord City. If you stayed in this world for 1,000 years, you would have done more than me.” As Entus said that, he laughed and continued, “Alright, we don’t need to flatter each other. I heard that your strength reached an extremely high level, and you are one of the young lords on the Azeroth Continent. I’m quite envious of you.”

Since they were on this topic, Fei’s interest was piqued. He asked, “You are the prestigious pope of the Beast God Palace, and you have lived in this world for close to 1,000 years. You should be extremely powerful. How come I…”

“How come my strength is so low, and I’m only stronger than a normal person, right?” Entus calmly smiled and said, “For some reason, after my soul attached to this body of a fox-man, I was disappointed by the fact that I can’t cultivate warrior energy or control magic energy. In other words, I’m a wastrel who can’t use the most popular forms of energies in this world!”

Fei was surprised at first and quickly thought about himself.

“After I traveled through space and time, I also can’t cultivate warrior energy or use magic energy. If it weren’t for the golden finger which is Diablo World, I would also be a wastrel. I wouldn’t be able to achieve any success in the path of Martial Dao and breakthrough so many barriers.”

“Could it be that this phenomenon is related to traveling between different planes?”

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