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Hail the King Chapter 1026.1

Chapter 1026: Hey, Don’t Die! (Part One)

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Now hearing that, Fei didn’t know what to say.

This wasn’t the encounter that he expected. He finally met a homie who was from the same plane as him, and their personalities matched. After talking for a while, Fei now had to face a forever goodbye. Therefore, the sadness and reluctance that he sensed were all-natural.

“What? You are not willing to let me go?” Entus’ ‘dirty’ smile shined on his face.

Instead, this pope of the Beast God Palace tried to comfort Fei, “I actually don’t need to stay here any longer. I have already lived on this magical and mysterious world for 1,000 years! Haha! Do you know what that means? The Beast God Palace doesn’t have that many laws and restrictions. You are right. I have control over billions of orcs, and I can get whatever I want. In the last 1,000 years, I had slept with more than 10,000 beauties and saintesses of Behemoth Orc Tribe. Haha! I enjoyed my time here. You know, Swan Clan, Butterfly Clan, Fox Clan, Wolf Clan, Bird Clan… all these clans have various exotic beauties. These beauties are either cold, passionate, noble, and proud. However, regardless if they are members of the god-tier clans or iron-tier clans, these beauties are eager to give themselves to me since they see it as a great honor. If I didn’t go against everyone’s suggestion and abolished the pope’s right of sleeping with a noble virgin every night, haha, I could have spread my seeds throughout this plane.”

Fei almost spat out a mouthful of water again.

“This guy…. Actually…”

“If his followers and the gold-tier clan chiefs outside this palace know about Entus’ real personality, their belief in the Beast God Palace will collapse, right?”

“I ventured deep into the Metal Desert in the center of the [Banished Land], and I killed demon beasts in the True God Realm. I traveled deep into the ocean and collected all kinds of precious treasures. With the great power of totems, I split the land and created rivers for irrigation, and I flattened out mountains and created cities for the orcs. By instilling the orcs with new ideas, I changed the lives and behaviors of behemoth orcs. Even in our previous world on Earth, who else can rival me? In the human history on Earth, who else controlled a race for close to 1,000 years and achieved such milestones? The First Emperor of Qin? Wu Emperor of Han? Hehe, in front of me, everything that they did is like child’s play. Sleeping with the most beautiful women, eating the most delicious delicacies, fighting the most powerful enemies, enjoying the supreme prestige, doing the most shocking things, pushing the impossible reforms, changing a tribe that has a population of billions… hahaha! Who can rival me in terms of accomplishments? Anyone in your mind?” Entus stood up and laughed.

At this moment, Entus showcased a level of dominance and supreme arrogance that suited the presence of the pope of the Beast God Palace. Even people like Emperor Yassin and Emperor Juninho couldn’t compete with Entus in terms of aura and presence.

Fei nodded in silence.

Everything that Entus said was true. Entus had lived for close to 1,000 years, and he could use the insane power of totems and had insane followers and believers. Such a ruler was surely unparalleled compared to anyone on Earth. At least the emperors and kings in the ancient times on Earth couldn’t be compared to Entus in terms of lifespan and individual strength.

“You sure are the biggest winner in life!” The king was a little envious of Entus’ life.

Entus sat down and laughed, “Therefore, I have enjoyed everything there is in the world. Even if I die now, I don’t really care. The only regret that I have… If I could choose again, I would rather not have these 1,000 years of fascination and instead want to live my calm life of less than 100 years on Earth.”

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