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Hail the King Chapter 1026.2

Chapter 1026: Hey, Don’t Die! (Part Two)

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Fei couldn’t really understand Entus in this aspect; his background and life experience were different compared to that of Entus.

Fei was an orphan; his parents both died in a car accident before he was aware of his surroundings. There was nothing that Fei was really attached to on Earth. However, in this world, he had beautiful wives, loyal subordinates, and docile pets. Fei had found a home in this world.

“I already spread out the message. I said that I used a forbidden totem technique to have a clearer vision of behemoth orcs’ future, and I was greatly punished by Heaven. Now, almost every orc knows that my life is coming to an end. Therefore, behemoth orcs will calmly accept my leave. Then, everything will be yours. In this era, you are the only protagonist. You are the Chosen One who can tear open the black screen that covers the origin of chaos,” Entus said calmly, “The plan that was created from more than 1,000 years ago is working now. The most chaotic yet most fascinating cycle is about to begin.”

Fei shook his head and said, “Even if this is all set by a supreme god, nothing is unchangeable. I will find a way to extend your life. If the so-called cycle is real, I will need you to stay and help me.”

However, after hearing Fei’s words, Entus suddenly got angry for some reason.

“Enough. With so much said, you still don’t understand? I’m only a spare tire! I’m like a spare tire to you and already lost the qualification to become the protagonist. Why would you want to reverse all this? Is my life more important or all the fate of billions upon billions of beings on Azeroth more important?”

[TL Note: Spare tires is a Chinese slang that means fallback guy (or girl)]

“The fate of Azeroth?”

Fei heard something from Entus’ words, and he asked, “You must know now, right? What kind of plan is this? What kind of cycle is this? What is the connection between me and the fate of Azeroth? Who are you? The fact that both of us traveled to this world from Earth isn’t a coincidence, right? It is all planned, no?”

At that moment, Fei vaguely felt like he grasped onto something. But like observing flowers through a layer of mist, the king couldn’t see exactly what was going on.

“You don’t have to worry about that much. When you obtain enough strength one day, you will understand everything,” Entus said with a smile, “I have one last request. You have to remember my real name. On Earth, my name is… Zong Dajun!”

After seeing that, Entus slowly closed his eyes, and his body fell backward onto the couch powerlessly.

Fei was startled.

“Hey! Hey! Hey! Don’t die! You can’t die just now! Don’t die! Hey, don’t scare me! If you die like this, I can’t explain anything to others. Your followers will think that I killed you.” Fei quickly patted Dajun’s cheeks.

The king thought to himself, “If this man dies here, the Behemoth Orc Tribe will go crazy! What happens next will be unpredictable and hard to manage.”

“Hey, what are you talking about? I’m only a bit tired, and I need to close my eyes and rest.” Dajun opened his eyes and didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. He said, “You know that I’m only a bit stronger than ordinary people if I don’t use the power of totems. After playing tennis and talking with you for this long, how can I not be tired? Damn! After all, I’m an old man who is close to 1,000 years old. When one gets old, the body can’t be as strong and vigorous!”

Fei was at a loss for words.

[TL Note: LOL, who would you rather be, Fei or Entus?]

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  1. Raphael Antonio C. Almeria

    Just wish them hommies to stick to each longer. I like their antics! Lol

  2. Endra Baskara

    FYI zhong da jun is an antagonist in Nightfall novel

  3. Ariel Azevedo

    This guy lived 20y on Earth and 1000y on this planet but he still act like someone from Earth. It breaks the flow of the story for me, same with the stupid names

    • Fimbulwinter

      Well, he never really let go of earth and even carved sculptures of devices and appliances from earth, so it’s not coming from nowhere that he still retains his personality from earth.
      Fully agree on the stupid name thing though :’)

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