Chapter 1027: Tragic Battle (Part One)

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When the military of Barcelona pushed about 1,000 kilometers into the territory of Zenit, they faced strong resistance coming from Zenitians.

Under the protection of guards, Pedro stood on a tall hill and looked at the battlefield further away. The battlefield was filled with dust, and shouts and metal-colliding noises sounded non-stop.

Pedro frowned; he never felt like things were going his way while venturing into Zenit.

Although the military of Barcelona destroyed a portion of the navy forces of Zenit at the harbor of Byzantine, Barcelona suffered several times the casualties.

What was more frustrating and infuriating?

When these Barcelonan soldiers finally got on land, their eyes were all red, and they couldn’t wait to slaughter Zenitians and rob all the treasures. However, they were all greatly disappointed. The Royal City of Byzantine was now already empty. No one was in the city, and no valuable items were left behind. Not even a chicken could be found in the city, and many chicken feathers floated in the streets.

Byzantinians already emptied out everything in this city.

For a moment, Barcelonans had trouble looking for doors that could be easily turned into equipment for carrying the injured soldiers.

Although King Constantine of Byzantine was captured and tortured by all kinds of terrifying machines and methods for a full day, this man didn’t reveal any useful information as if he were made from metal.

In the end, even the jailers who were torturing Constantine almost collapsed.

These people had never seen someone as tough as this man. Constantine’s body was destroyed, and then mages healed him back. Afterward, the King of Byzantine was severely injured again before the cycle continued.

Even the gods couldn’t endure such cycles of pain. Now, these Barcelonans suspected that this little king’s body wasn’t made of flesh but something else.

“What kind of power and belief are supporting him, making him endure all this?”

At this moment, even Pedro felt a little admiration toward Constantine.

Since it was truly useless, the interrogation and tortures stopped.

After a short rest in the Royal City of Byzantine, the troops of Barcelona quickly reorganized and dashed deep into the southern region of Zenit through the roads that Zenit built. These murderous and arrogant soldiers of Barcelona imagined themselves to be vicious tigers in a herd of sheep. They thought that they could directly charge into the belly of Zenit, defeating all Zenitians who dared to put up a fight.

However, these soldiers who were from the self-claimed No.1 Super Empire of Azeroth were underprepared for the war, and they suffered great casualties again.

The first collision between the troops of Barcelona and Zenit that happened on land occurred about 200 kilometers away from the Royal City of Byzantine.

About 2,000 Barcelonan soldiers in the vanguard troops were ambushed by a troop in the southern region of Zenit, and about the same number of soldiers were in this troop. Also, [Black Pearl] and [Cyclops] that had disappeared suddenly showed up. Under the attack from both front and back, the reinforcement troop of Barcelona showed up one hour later and could only bury the corpses of their comrades.

The damn Zenitians didn’t only take away the corpses of their own comrades. They also stripped all the weapons and armor from the dead Barcelonan soldiers and left behind about 2,000 naked corpses.

Then, while pushing forward, the troops of Barcelona faced an unexpected level of resistance.

Although the loss was within the acceptable range, being raided and harassed again and again was beyond annoying. After pushing forward for about 500 kilometers, Pedro had to order all the troops to stay still and rest while he suspended the battle plan that he had made prior.

Most of the soldiers in the troops were from the [Sea God’s Spear], and they were all soldiers in the navy; they weren’t great in battles on land. There were about 60,000 of them, and their equipment was top-tier. The main battle legions for ground combat were being transported on the ships in the back of the fleet, and they were just arriving at the Royal City of Byzantine.

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