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Hail the King Chapter 1027.2

Chapter 1027: Tragic Battle (Part Two)

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Since Pedro underestimated the enemies, the connection between the troops of Barcelona ran into issues. The vanguard troops ventured deep into the territory of Zenit alone without sufficient back-up, and they were in a bad and awkward situation.

Right now, the Barcelonan soldiers in the back were still dreaming about taking down Zenit in ten days, and the vanguard troops in the front already sensed the chilliness of the Northern Region of Azeroth and the strength of Zenit.

On the way, [Sea God’s Spear] was raided and ambushed more than 100 times.

Although the battles were all in small-scale, Barcelonans already lost close to 6,000 soldiers, far beyond their estimations. Of course, the Zenitians also paid a hefty price. Four kings of affiliated kingdoms died, and more than 10,000 corpses of Zenit were left on the battlefields. However, most of them weren’t official military personnel.

When [Sea God’s Spear] was about 1,000 kilometers into the territory of Zenit, the two parties finally engaged in the first large-scale battle.

Even right now, Pedro didn’t know which main battle legion of Zenit that he and his men were facing.

Both in terms of numbers and combat strength, these new enemies were much greater compared to the mixed and weak soldiers of the various affiliated kingdoms who fought with [Sea God’s Spear].

In about 15 minutes, the elite soldiers of [Sea God’s Spear] charged at the enemies, but they couldn’t break through and crush the enemies’ formations. The elite soldiers of Barcelona were pushed back, which greatly shocked Pedro.

What was more unbelievable? Soon, Pedro discovered that his troops were vaguely surrounded.

“These dirty and weak Zenitians dare to fight back? How come they can quickly respond and counterattack? How dare these dirty coyotes to try to scheme and trap a great dragon?”

“So, those Zenitians raided us and harassed us fearlessly to buy time for the main battle legions of theirs to set up the trap. They… they actually want to destroy [Sea God’s Spear] in one go?”

“Such audacity!”

“Such strategy!”

Since the battle came to this point, this elite graduate of La Masia Royal Military Academy had to admit that he ran into a powerful enemy. Zenit had a great strategist who was commanding the situation in the southern region of Zenit.

“This dirty level 1 empire is prepared!”

Pedro quickly realized that not only him, but the entire Barcelona Empire encountered an unexpected enemy.

Unlike other level 1 empires that could be easily crushed, Zenit was a different beast. The Imperial Military Headquarters of Barcelona was arrogant and conceited, and they didn’t do the necessary intelligence work and detailed analysis. The battle plan that was roughly made and the lackluster mindset made [Sea God’s Spear] greatly suffer in battle.

If the battle plan and the mindset of Barcelonans weren’t changed and improved, the main battle legions of Barcelona were going to suffer more from it!

“I can’t let this continue! I must end it quickly!”

Pedro couldn’t hold back after seeing the worrisome situation before him.

A vast streak of energy surged on Pedro’s body, and his aura swept through the battlefield like a tornado. Regular soldiers couldn’t even stand still.

The troops of Barcelona started to retreat in order, separating themselves from the chaotic and messy battle.

In this way, Pedro could attack Zenitians using techniques that covered a huge area, and he didn’t need to worry about injuring his people.

However, a streak of power that wasn’t inferior compared to that of Pedro appeared in the formations of Zenitians! It was a shock to all Barcelonans!

This streak of energy was cold and filled with murderous spirit and destructive sensation.

Pedro slightly froze in mid-air.

“How is this happening? How come I didn’t sense this at all even though a powerful master is hiding among these Zenitians? Could it be… Emperor Yassin showed up and is here to battle?”

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