Chapter 1028: Master and Mowing Grass (Part One)

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[TL Note: There are three parts to this chapter. It is a 1.5-in-1 chapter.]

After thinking for a bit, Pedro decided against showing his strength.

Right now, the aura of the master in the troops of Zenit was on par with Pedro, and this general of Barcelona thought that this mysterious master was Emperor Yassin of Zenit. He thought that if he got into a battle, he wasn’t sure that he could obtain the victory in a short time. If the battle prolonged, and both parties got extremely serious, the ordinary soldiers would be greatly affected and suffer great casualties. After all, top-tier masters could move mountains and fill seas.

Besides, a great strategist was commanding the troops of Zenit. If Pedro were tied down by this mysterious master, the troops of Zenit might be able to completely wipe out [Sea God’s Spear].

After Pedro put his idea of attacking Zenitian soldiers on hold, the mysterious master of Zenit also stopped unleashing his power. It felt like the two masters reached an implicit agreement.

The two streaks of powerful energies vaguely rivaled each other.

Still, low-tier warriors and ordinary soldiers battled each other.

As time passed by, more and more troops of Zenit that were armed with elite equipment showed up from all directions, surrounding Pedro and his tens of thousands of soldiers.

The fierce battle continued from the morning until the afternoon.

The wilderness-covered plain was filled with the corpses of soldiers from both sides, and blood formed streams and rivers. A nose-piercing smell permeated the air, and vultures circled in the sky and chirped after smelling the odor of death, waiting for a feast to begin. Also, the few warhorses that lost their owners and were still alive chewed the green grass that was stained by blood!

Pedro tried to seize the opportunity and order his soldiers to counterattack when an opening appeared in the formation of Zenitian soldiers. However, Zenitians seemed to be able to react faster, and they fought back and completely shattered these Barcelonan soldiers’ efforts.

It was clear that a genius commander was ordering the troops, and his adaptability to the situation was better compared to that of Pedro.

In the end, [Sea God’s Spear] had to drop the pride of a legion of a level 9 empire and focus on defense. They all crowded onto a small hill and defended for dear life. Only less than 20,000 soldiers remained; the casualties were high.

However, the Zenitians didn’t slow down. They rushed up like waves in a tsunami, and they were aggressive and seemed endless.

“Attack! Avenge the King of Byzantine!”

“For the King of Lude, the King of Tins, the King of Leno, and the King of Evergrande as well as the 11,365 warriors of Zenit! They all died for the honor of Zenit! We must avenge them!”

“Get rid of the invaders! An eye for an eye! Blood for blood!”

The warriors of Zenit shouted and charged forward fearlessly. They were so frenzied that their eyes all turned red.

The shameless Barcelonans attacked Zenit without announcing war, and they killed four kings of affiliated kingdoms. Also, no one knew if the King of Byzantine were dead or alive.

Wherever Barcelonan soldiers went, the land was scorched, and the civilians were killed. Every Zenitian was angered by the cruelty of the enemies, and they weren’t willing to back off since their homeland and loved ones were behind them.

“Sir, we can’t hold up anymore. We should break out of this situation of being surrounded and retreat!”

A military officer who was covered in blood ran back to Pedro and suggested with an anxious expression.

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