Chapter 1028: Master and Mowing Grass (Part Three)

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However, the intelligent commander of Zenit saw through this tactic, and the troops of Zenit all moved away before [Hand of Execution] got here, not giving Barcelonans the chance to defeat them.

The first official battle of Zenitians and Barcelonans ended without a clear outcome.

In reality, Pedro felt like he already lost.

This wasn’t a good sign.

Ever since he stepped into the territory of Zenit, Pedro felt like everything that he encountered confused him.

Without question, the military of Barcelona was facing a race that was extremely tough and had a strong sense of rebellion.

“Mr. Pedro, I’m sorry. We are here too late.” Under the protection of a team of cavaliers, Commander Tello of [Hand of Execution] bowed at Pedro and apologized.

This young man also graduated from La Masia Royal Military Academy, and his face that had sharp edges contained the aggression and decisiveness of young people.

In terms of official status, Tello was two levels lower than Pedro.

“It is not your fault. The Zenitians were too cunning and discovered our battle plan.” Pedro was quite appreciative of this young man.

In reality, the graduates of La Masia Royal Military Academy who had Catalonia Royal Bloodline were united. Since they were related by blood, they formed their circle in the military system of Barcelona and protected their interests. They pretty much controlled the military of Barcelona.

On the opposite side of the people who graduated from La Masia Royal Military Academy, there were legion commanders such as Alves, Sánchez, and Mascherano. They entered the military of Barcelona through other means, and the two sides had many conflicts.

“Sir, please allow me to lead 10,000 elite cavalrymen to chase after the enemies. I’m sure that we can catch up and kill these dirty Zenitians!” Tello was quite confident.

“Nevermind.” Pedro shook his head and said, “The enemies are cunning, and they might have set up traps. Tello, there is something more important for you to do. You can lead the cavalrymen and mow the grass in the region within a diameter of 50 kilometers. These savages will never be assimilated by us, so they don’t have the right to live on this land. With the will of the gods, we are going to become the new rulers of this beautiful land.”

“Mow the grass?” After a short pause, Tello became excited, and he said, “As you wish! Sir, don’t worry! I will complete this mission to the fullest!”

Mow the Grass was a unique strategy that the Imperial Military Headquarters of Barcelona created.

In a sense, it was a race massacre. All Zenitians were going to be killed! No animals could even survive. Regardless if these people were civilians, nobles, merchants, or tourists. As long as they weren’t Barcelonans, they would be killed even if they were seniors or children who were just born.

With this attitude, the Barcelona Empire had wiped out many human empires and enemies in the last few hundred years.

To many soldiers of Barcelona, mowing the grass meant that they could kill, rob, burn, and r*pe to their hearts’ content. They could vent all their negative emotions.

In one day, the bravery of Zenitians and the endless harassment already made Pedro lose patience, and he felt a little uneasy. He was going to completely wipe out this race that could pose a threat to Barcelona.

To claim all of Zenit’s land and achieve that goal, they had to be willing to pay any price.

The lives of people in other empires were worthless to the military officers of Barcelona such as Pedro.

Since Barcelona had been walking on this path of militarism for a long time, they were already used to massacres like this.

Tello soon disappeared with elite cavalrymen to execute this mission.

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