Chapter 1029: Emphasis and Big Event (Part One)

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[TL Note: This chapter is also a 1.5-in-1, so three parts.]

Pedro was no longer as impatient as before. He learned from his mistakes and changed his strategy. He ordered the troops to move forward at a steady pace and sent out many scouts to keep track of everything that was happening around them. Then, he ordered messengers to go back to the bay where they landed and commanded the reinforcements which were the main battle legions to speed up. Also, these Barcelonan soldiers were ordered to capture civilians and soldiers of Zenit and interrogate them. They had to get as much information about Zenit as possible to make up for the mistake of the Imperial Military Headquarters which was too arrogant and underestimated the enemies by not doing proper research.

Now, the great tradition and quality of the level 9 Barcelona Empire were completely showcased.

Although their advancement speed was greatly reduced, Zenitian soldiers raided them several times and didn’t obtain the advantage. After several tests, the Zenitians only left a ton of corpses and retreated.

As the information that Pedro gathered increased in volume, this general of Barcelona became more and more shocked.

There were many stories and rumors about King Alexander of Chambord and Emperor Yassin of Zenit that were being passed around among the civilians, and they made Pedro sense a ton of pressure. Although he knew that these rumors probably exaggerated the strength of these two people, if there was smoke, there was fire. Pedro was especially surprised by Chambord’s strength and mystery. He felt like if anything was going to go wrong, it must be related to Chambord.

Since he recognized the importance of this issue, aside from gathering intelligence himself, Pedro used some connections and got in touch with some ancient intelligence networks on Azeroth. With high prices, he purchased a lot of information regarding the Chambord Kingdom and the King of Chambord.

The new information made this top-tier graduate of La Masia Royal Military Academy sweat profusely.

Pedro learned that Chambord had more than ten powerful gold saint warriors, and many masters existed in this kingdom. He also got hints that this kingdom had a great relationship with the No.1 Merchant Group of Azeroth, Soros Merchant Group, and it had connections to the extremely mysterious yet terrifying intelligence organization, the [Letter Office].

Furthermore, this Barcelonan got confirmation that the King of Chambord was a peak Burning Sun Lord long ago, and he had led an expedition to the Anji Empire and put out an Undead Creature Catastrophe. Also, there was clear evidence that the King of Chambord had killed Young Lord Reus of Ormond.

It was Pedro’s first-time hearing so much shocking information about Zenit and Chambord.

He was used to being arrogant in the Western Region of Azeroth, and he never imagined that such a genius warrior appeared in the weakest region on the continent, the Northern Region.

If everything he heard was true, Pedro felt like even he couldn’t defeat the King of Chambord.

Suddenly, Pedro realized that he was facing an unprecedented level of danger.

If the King of Chambord and Emperor Yassin worked together, Pedro was going to end tragically.

The unprecedented danger scared Pedro so much that he sweated again and again.

After thinking for a while, Pedro summarized all his findings in Zenit and all the information that he gathered. He wrote an urgent letter and passed it back to the Barcelona Empire using a unique channel, asking the Imperial Military Headquarters to send top-tier masters as reinforcements.

Seeing the dense black clouds in the sky, Pedro sensed an unprecedented chill.

“Chambord City…” Pedro murmured to himself.

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