Chapter 1029: Emphasis and Big Event (Part Two)

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“What? Anyone else who wants to battle me?”

On the square of the Beast God Palace, Fei smiled and looked at the masters of the ten god-tier clans. Torres, Drogba, and Pierce all looked proud, and they thought, “These dumb orcs wanted to challenge our king. Now it is settled! They are all crushed! Hahaha! This is thrilling!”

Pope Entus of the Beast God Palace also stood on the side with a smile as if he had anticipated this.

However, Entus’ followers all looked extremely surprised. It was clear that they didn’t see this coming, and they thought, “This human king is thin and good-looking like fox-men, but he is so powerful! Within two hours, he used several energy forms such as warrior energy and magic energy, and he defeated all the orc masters ranging from the chiefs of the ten king clans and the elders. He is an insane warrior.”

“Hahaha! Your Majesty is insanely strong! I have nothing to say! I, Pippen, admit defeat!” Green Rhino Clan Chief Pippen was beaten by Fei so hard that half of his face was swollen, and his eyes turned black. However, he wasn’t angry, and he laughed heroically and said with admiration, “Alright. Our Green Rhino Clan admit that Chambord City is qualified to become an ally of behemoth orcs. Haha! I will fight you in another way later! We will see if how much you can drink is correlated to your strength!”

“Alright! I prepared a ton of great liquor and wine before coming here, and I can drink with Chief Pippen to our hearts’ content.” Fei was eager to establish a friendship with these orcs.

“Your Majesty, can you share a portion of your wine with me?” Beauty Snake Jankovic swung her enchanting waist and got to Fei’s side before she asked with charm.

“This human king sure is powerful! He is qualified to stand with our Tiger Clan. However, Tiger Clan still has more masters. They will come to you and seek advice when they get the chance.” Chief Woods of Tiger Clan, which ranked second in the ten king clans, opened his mouth and said calmly.

The orcs valued strength and liked handling things directly. Although Fei was the king, he used his own strength to defeat many orc warriors, earning the respect and admiration of the orcs. Besides, Pope Entus of the Beast God Palace who had insane influence among the orcs said that he was willing to ally with Chambord, which swayed a large group of nobles and high-level characters in Behemoth Orc Tribe.

Overall, things were going smoothly.

The alliance was pretty much set in stone, and there was no question around it.

That night, campfires were lit up on the square of the Beast God Palace, which was a rare scene. The ten king clans and the nobles of the prestigious silver-tier clans were all invited by Pope Entus to participate in this party.

The alliance between Chambord City and Behemoth Orc Tribe was passed around between ordinary orcs.

About 1,000 years had passed, and all kinds of resources were exploited and harvested in the [Banished Land]. Many signals were showing that this area was undergoing a terrifying change. The Metal Desert and the Vicious Swamp at the center of the [Banished Land] were both slowly growing, and terrifying beasts appeared and started to invade the living space.

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