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Hail the King Chapter 1030.1

Chapter 1030: The Desert in the Sky (Part One)

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-In the central general tent of Zenit that was briefly set up-

All forces were able to react fast and gather because of Second Prince Dominguez. It was clear that he was the head commander.

At this moment, Prince Dominguez and other military officers locked their eyes onto one person.

“Advisor Aryang! Can we only endure and bear it? These damn Barcelonans are cold-blooded demons.  Only less than two days passed by, but they raised their weapons and even killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians….”

Red blood vessels popped in Dominguez’s eyes, and he was so angry that his handsome face even looked a little wicked.

Under everyone’s stare, Old Aryang of Chambord frowned and thought about the situation for good.

About a year ago when Zenit was invaded by the alliance of ten empires, Old Aryang was instructed to help out Second Prince with the warriors of Chambord, and it was a success. It was clear that Dominguez was talented, and his capabilities won over many people. With today’s ambush and strategic retreat, more and more people believed him and trusted him. In a sense, Dominguez’s words and actions would dictate the fate of the crew.

After thinking for a bit, Aryang said with a sad expression, “Barcelona is after all a level 9 empire, and they have more masters and better equipment. If we fight them head-on, we will lose for sure. Of course, it isn’t to say that they have no weaknesses. If we can create a battle that is on the scale of 500,000 people in three days, I’m confident that I can wipe out all Barcelonans who stepped into the territory of Zenit. Of course, I need help from Hazel Bank and others.”

After Old Aryang said that, most of the people in the tent got it.

Not a sufficient number of soldiers.

The Second Prince could only move the [Southern Region Battle Legion] and the [Blizzard Legion]. With these two main battle legions, private soldiers of the nobles, and the new recruits, there were about 100,000 of them in the beginning. Although Zenit had been recruiting soldiers on a massive scale, most of the control was still in Arshavin’s hand. Even if Dominguez wanted to, he can’t get 500,000 soldiers.

Barcelonan soldiers had the best equipment. If Zenit couldn’t use human-sea attacks and fight enemies head-on with a numbers advantage, facing Barcelonans was likely to result in getting smashed even if these two main battle legions were involved.

It seemed like the Zenitians could only harass to slow down Pedro’s soldiers’ speed. Then, they sent out warning letters, waiting for the Imperial Military Headquarters and Emperor Yassin to respond.

Zenit had faced many rivals before, but they were now facing the Barcelona Empire, a level 9 empire on the continent.

This force was so huge that Leon seemed like nothing when compared to it.

The situation was intense.

Some people placed hope in Imperial Martial Saint, King Alexander of Chambord, but only a few people like Old Aryang knew that the king wasn’t home. He left about 20 days ago to visit the behemoth orcs.

“I hope that His Majesty will rush back in time,” Old Aryang prayed in his mind.

Although he was a famous general and was extremely confident, Old Aryang somehow developed a slight reliance on the king. It felt as if as long as the king was present, he would calm down a bit more.

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    Sometimes you can’t help but get angry on mc. Most of the time he will be absent when innocent peoples are getting slaughtered and only come when just few survived and become a hero

    • it is the will of the supreme being(author).


      • Ejaz Ahmed

        and where the fk is yaseeen that biitcchh still hiding not doing anything. don’t say he is waiting for the ultimate beings to showup then he will act and beaten up like a stray dog for MC to save him.

    • Dave Mauricio

      Dont blame the mc… blame yassin lol…. not gonna so a thing again until the enemies are in his doorstep…

  2. zurric

    I feel like the author has forgotten that Fei can use the town teleport scrolls to make portals for himself. As far as I remember, the last time he actually set one up for himself was either when he tried to assassinate priest balesi or in the room with the golden dwarf skeleton. Can’t remember which one was the later one.
    after that they haven’t been mentioned, and he’s been using the manufactured teleporters to go everywhere new. Yes, they are good for moving people not linked to the diablo world, but otherwise the town scrolls can be considered an absolute trump card for him. I’m also surprised Kashya (I think thats her name, the leader of the rogues) hasn’t shown up to bring him news about barcelona invading.

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