Chapter 1030: The Desert in the Sky (Part Two)

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-Banished Land, City of Behemoth-

Fei’s curiosity was quickly satisfied.

Before Great Priest Nash could bring Fei and others back to their hotel, the beauty of Swan Clan who played tennis with Entus earlier rushed over and said something to Nash. Then, the group turned back around and returned to the square where the Beast God Palace was located.

At this moment, more than 1,000 orc warriors and masters had gathered here.

The nightly wind blew in the darkness, and the square was engulfed by a solemn and murderous spirit.

Seeing Fei and others’ arrival, Entus didn’t have the chance to explain everything to them. Some people instantly took flying beasts to them and carried them away.

In the dark night, thousands of people flew into the air and dashed toward the depths of [Banished Land].

“Something happened to the Metal Desert and the Vicious Swamp. The fierce beasts might have been rioting. Perhaps it is something that existence had planned earlier. You should go and check it out.”

On the way, Entus was really busy. He continued to try to come up with solutions.

Fei pondered to himself.

The flying beasts of the orcs were dashing and extremely fast. They could cover about several hundred kilometers in a flash.

After flying for about seven hours, there were no more trails of orc activities. It was a huge desert, and no one could survive in it. Not much further away on the horizon, there was a giant bright red wall that soared into the sky. Like a fence, this red wall blocked off the rest of the world.

“We are almost there! Be careful!”

Those who were at the front shouted, and the flying speed of the team drastically reduced.

This group of people stopped about ten kilometers away from the giant red wall.

At this moment, Fei had a good look and realized that it was not a red wall. They were just sand grains that were pulled into the sky by the tornadoes.

The sand grains should contain metal particles, and they turned red after being in the sun for too long and oxidizing. As the wind blew by, the sand tumbled and rolled in the air like boiling blood. What was stranger? The tornadoes that were carrying these sand grains were spinning at the same spot. About ten kilometers away, there seemed to be an invisible energy that stopped the tornadoes from pushing forward.

The red sand grains and the roars of the tornadoes emitted violent and destructive auras, making the flying beasts of the orcs whine and back off.

“Let’s continue on foot,” Pope Entus sighed and ordered about a dozen of his followers to retreat with everyone’s mount, and he took everyone else toward the desert that was tumbling in the sky.

“This is the [Metal Desert],” Great Priest Nash explained, “Many powerful and fierce ancient beasts live in it, and the orcs call them fierce beasts. They don’t have any intelligence, and their nature is murderous and aggressive. Behemoth orcs placed many soldiers and watchtowers around the [Metal Desert], and Pope His Holiness set up many totem arrays around it to distract the fierce beasts, preventing them from charging out of the desert and hurting behemoth orcs.”

At this moment, Fei finally got the chance to ask, “Then, why did we come here? What are we up to? Did something special happen?”

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