Chapter 1031: Discovery in the Desert (Part One)

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[TL Note: This chapter is a 2-in-1, so it will be broken down into four parts.]

“The fierce beasts that lived in the [Metal Desert] never came out until about 50 years ago. For some reason, many fierce beasts would rush out of the desert in intervals, killing everything and treating orcs as food. Also, the Beast God Palace discovered that the [Metal Desert] was increasing in size. About 50 years had passed, and this bloodthirsty desert’s size increased by ten times. Also, this speed is growing. If this continues, the entire [Banished Land] will be devoured by this desert in less than 100 years, becoming a paradise for fierce beasts.”

Fei nodded. He had heard about such things from Pig Clan Chief Altis, but he didn’t know that the situation was this dire.

“During the party, the masters of Lion Clan who were stationed by the [Metal Desert] rushed back to report something unusual. The desert suddenly enlarged, pushing outward by about 40 kilometers in one to two hours. This was the fastest and furthest expansion that we have ever seen. It seems like something strange is happening in the center of the desert.

As Great Priest Nash said that, the worry on his face intensified.

While they talked, the group was less than 100 meters away from the [Metal Desert].

This was a truly fascinating place. It was a desert that was floating in the sky, and tornadoes carried red sand grains and looked like a giant pot of boiling blood, emitting a violent aura full of vicissitude.

The wind power at the edge of the [Metal Desert] was already shocking, and the fine sand grains were scarier than arrows that were shot out of strong bows.

Fei felt like if a Seven-Star Warrior entered this desert, this person would be turned into a sieve by all the fine sand grains.

This was like a desert of death. Fortunately, everyone who came here was either a human master or an orc master.

Everyone opened their energy shields and protected themselves. Even though Pope Entus didn’t have any warrior energy and magic energy, his powerful followers protected him, and he didn’t have to worry about those scary sand grains.

“The Beast God told me that we must venture deep into the desert to find the truth.”

After closing his eyes and praying for a while, Entus turned around and picked 25 orc masters from various clans who were all at peak Burning Sun Realm. Then, he said to Fei, “This trip might be dangerous. Is Your Majesty interesting in helping me?”

“Of course! I’m glad to battle alongside orc warriors.”

All the behemoth orcs in the area respected Fei a lot more after hearing his response.

This issue was not related to humans. Since the King of Chambord knew the danger, he was still willing to enter. The orcs were awed by Fei’s bravery and friendliness.

The poor orcs had no idea that they were ‘sold’ by their most trusted and beloved pope.

After preparing at the edge, Fei, Entus, and those 25 orc masters entered the blood-like desert with warrior energy flames enveloping them.

Elena and other members of Chambord stayed outside.

The Valkyrie was at peak Burning Sun Realm, and her combat abilities already reached the Demi-God Realm. Also, Fei gave her 100 mystical gold war puppets, which were equivalent to 100 Sun-Class Lords. Since Chambord had enough forces here, the safety of people like Torres and Oleg was secured. Even if something bad happened, Fei didn’t have to worry.

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