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Hail the King Chapter 1031.2

Chapter 1031: Discovery in the Desert (Part Two)

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The howling wind mixed with flying sand created a series of noises, and it sounded like gods and ghosts were crying. The visibility inside the [Metal Desert] was extremely low.

Even though Fei and others were powerful, they could only see what was within 500 meters of them.

Aside from the low visibility, it seemed like a strange force permeated all over the desert, vaguely suppressing everyone’s strength.

Since visibility was low, and there were no clear signs, it was extremely easy to get lost.

This trip was filled with danger for sure!

For every 1,000 meters, Fei would leave an energy seal in the air to prevent himself from getting lost.

On the other side, under the protection of his powerful followers, Entus looked like a god who was walking in the mortal world. A soccer-shaped totem symbol would appear in the places where he stepped, emitting a faint light. These clear symbols also contained great presence, and their power radiated outward, pressing back against the invisible pressure in the desert.

With the protection of his followers, Entus led everyone toward the center of the [Metal Desert].

“We are already two kilometers in. Everyone, be careful! We might run into fierce beasts…”

Entus sure was a great fortune-teller.

Before he could finish speaking, a monster appeared before them.

This monster was more than ten meters tall, had red fish scales, and looked vicious. Its mouth was full of sharp teeth, and blood-like liquid filled its eyes. With its mouth open, a highly corrosive energy permeated the air, and it bit toward Entus without mercy.

One of Entus’ followers who was from the Lion Clan punched out, and a metal-elemental warrior energy beam dashed out and shattered this terrifying monster’s head.

Fei was slightly surprised.

Without a doubt, this monster was the fierce beast that Great Priest Nash talked about.

It was a species of extremely ugly monsters, and they were fierce and powerful. Their red skin allowed them to go into stealth in the [Metal Desert] since they could hide in the floating red sand, and they seemed to have the innate ability to hide their presences.

Fei only discovered this monster when it got close, and its destructive sharp claws and teeth could easily tear through the defenses of a peak Full Moon Elite.

However, this monster was still too weak in front of everyone here.

Fei didn’t pay much attention before, but something mythical occurred when this giant fierce beast fell.

Fei’s eyes opened wide, and he was shocked.

It was a huge surprise! He saw a streak of pure and mystical energy leaving the corpse of the fierce beast, and it floated into the air like an invisible bubble.

This energy was no different from the mystical energy that Fei got from the zombies and mutated demon beasts inside the former Anji Empire!

Fei also noticed that except for him, the other orc masters and even Pope Entus didn’t notice this streak of mythical energy.

Fei tried to summon it.

In the next second, this streak of mythical energy dashed into Fei’s body like a bird going back to its nest. Fei sensed a faint streak of warmth in his body, and it quickly merged into the strength of Fei’s Barbarian character and fully integrated.

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