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Hail the King Chapter 1032.1

Chapter 1032: Ambushed? (Part One)

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Like a flash of lightning, Fei quickly defeated these high-level, human-shaped fierce beasts, shocking all orc masters. At the same time, more than ten giant streaks of mythical energy rushed into Fei’s body like floods. As if a meteorite landed in a pool of gas, the energy that was hidden in Fei’s body boiled uncontrollably.

“Finally, it is about time that I advanced…” Fei was thrilled after a moment of surprise.

The king’s Barbarian character was at mid-tier Demi-God Realm. After receiving the mythical energy that the fierce beasts provided, his strength increased and reached top-tier Demi-God Realm. He was pretty much at the peak!

After telling others that he needed a rest, Fei stood where he was and closed his eyes to direct the energy in his body, getting used to the new realm and a high-level of power.

Pope Entus and other orc masters also realized what was going on at this moment, and they were shocked further as they thought, “This human king was already terrifyingly powerful to begin with. Now, he is advancing again? Could it be that battling the fierce beasts brought him the inspiration for this advancement?”

Streaks of terrifying aura circulated around Fei.

The golden energy flames dashed into the sky and formed a pillar of light, completely engulfing Fei. The power that he emitted was at the peak of mortals, which was extremely close to that of the immortals such as gods. Even the howling tornadoes and quicksand seemed to be afraid of this power, and they all moved away and dodged him.

Entus sang an ancient song.

Streaks of mysterious energy were created by the song, forming a great energy wall around Fei, protecting him during this advancement process, just in case that fierce beasts suddenly attacked at this moment.

After about 30 minutes, Fei’s aura stabilized and then disappeared.

The golden energy flames around his body also dashed back into his body like a whale sucking in all the water around it.

Fei slightly opened his eyes and smiled, thanking Entus and other orc masters.

It seemed like nothing changed on Fei, but the orc masters felt strange. Fei appeared to be extremely close to them yet far away, and it felt like he broke the law of space. The orc masters felt like Fei was inside a painting and was about to break out at any moment. This feeling was mythical and eye-opening.

After chatting for a bit, the team continued forward.

Fei declined the help that other orc masters offered and opened the way like before. The king wanted to use this opportunity to get used to the power of peak Demi-God Realm. Also, he tried to see if he could kill more fierce beasts and absorb even more mystical energy as he wanted to advance further and get into the True God Realm.

His next few tries were all disappointing.

The team moved forward quickly, and Fei killed countless fierce beasts. However, regardless of how much energy that Fei absorbed, his realm almost didn’t move. Like a thermometer that reached the peak, the mercury indicator wouldn’t move up anymore.

“It seems like the rumor on the continent is true. If a mortal wants to become a god, getting more energy is useless. Condensing divinity is a must! However, how can divinity be condensed? I need to find a time to ask Entus. I hope the Beast God Palace collected information in this area,” Fei thought to himself.

After making up his mind, he switched to his Druid character and used [Werebear]. He turned into a silver bear that was about ten meters tall, and he smashed a high-level, human-shaped fierce beast into pieces with his paw.

This sudden change shocked the orc masters even more! They were already unsettled, and it felt like now someone poked a hornets’ nest. Their expressions all changed, and they were even more shocked compared to when Fei reached peak Demi-God Realm.

“What am I seeing? This human king… actually…”

“He turned into a bear?”

“How come this human can turn into a behemoth orc?”

The orc masters all communicated with each other through spirit energy, and they couldn’t suppress their shock.

Currently, the King of Chambord was in the form that was extremely similar to the Atavistic Transformation of the Bear Clan, one of the ten king clans. This innate technique could only be used by those Sun-Class Lords who were loved by the Beast God and had the pure bloodline.

It was heard that the bear warriors who used this technique could ‘borrow’ strength from their ancestors, and their strength would skyrocket.

“How can the innate ability of Bear Clan appear on a human?”

“How can a human ‘borrow’ the strength of the ancestors of Bear Clan?”

Entus thought of something. A relieved expression appeared on his face, and he casually stated as he glanced around, “This isn’t strange. According to the ancient documents, Beast God Rexxar wasn’t a member of the Bear Clan, but he could transform into a bear in battle.”

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  1. Hamed El Ghoul

    these 2 are top tier bullshiters xD

    • Ejaz Ahmed

      and author keep forgetting what he previously said. MC once get to peak then got demoted to mid then again got to peak.

  2. zurric

    based on how he’s gaining energy for increasing his demigod power, I think I know how he can “condense divinity”
    I think all the enemies that are giving him the mythical energy are from the era of the gods, and probably originate from the gods. This probably imbues them with diluted godly power, or its at least inside of these creatures. After all, the regular holy power of the priests had little effect on the undead, which means that the power of the undead were fundamentally different from the undead energy used by mortals, and they were created by one of the escaped demons.

    So, I think the way he condenses divinity is either by defeating creations of the beings that are at the higher levels of godly power ranks (i’ve lost track of what they are all called, I just know they have different names for different ranks), or by killing the lowest ranking godly or demigodly beings. We already know that Fei doesn’t grow the normal way. Normal people have to grow their own power within them. Fei instead steals power from things he defeats that have some sort of link.

    After writing this, I’ve started to think that all of Fei’s classes are actually the true and pure forms of each kind of energy that they represent. I think that the energies that everyone else uses are essentially downgraded versions that are used by mortals and only a select few are able to use the purer forms that are closer to what the gods use. Think of it as the top gods basically embody the energy type, and can use it without restriction. Then, for every step removed you are from that spot, you get more restrictions on how you can use it, like a game of telephone.
    We know that his holy power and death power are different from the standard holy and undeath power, and its extremely rare to see people able to use the power that is closes to him.
    Holy power is usually silver, and only god’s favorite children can use golden holy power.
    undead mages usually use black undeath energy, and only their equivalent to the god’s favorite children can use the silver (or maybe it was white) death energy.
    I would assume that it’s similar for the other classes. It may not be the quality of the energy thats different, but the method of usage like how his sorcerer can use spells without chanting.

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