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Hail the King Chapter 1033.1

Chapter 1033: Altar and Danger (Part One)

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[TL Note: This is a 2-in-1 chapter, so 4 parts.]

“If we want to know the truth, we have to venture deeper into the desert,” Pope Entus sighed and led the way forward.

The clan chiefs and masters of the Behemoth Beast Tribe got serious and followed behind. Everyone could tell that the [Banished Land], which had a poor environment and was usually calm, now finally got chaotic.

Fei switched back to his Druid character and used [Werewolf] to kill the fierce beasts that appeared. He even summoned a giant brown bear with the skill of the Druid to battle alongside him.

This scene shocked the orc masters even more.

This was almost identical to the legends. The orcs worshiped Beast God Rexxar, and he also had a giant brown bear named Misha.

“Could it be that this is only a coincidence?”

“Or is this the beginning of another cycle?”

After Fei instantly killed thousands of high-level, human-shaped fierce beasts, the number of fierce beasts in front of the group drastically decreased in number.

After moving forward for about ten kilometers, they discovered something strange.

An ancient red altar appeared before the group.

This altar was hexagonal and had a rough diameter of 50 meters, and it was only one layer tall, which was about half a meter. It was completely red and looked like a mass of clogged blood. Vaguely, people feel like they could see blood flowing inside. The surface of the altar was engraved with complicated runes that were as thick as human’s wrist. Unfortunately, most of the runes had been destroyed, and these people couldn’t see through it and tell what kind of a magic altar this was.

Fei observed it for a while and couldn’t draw any concrete conclusion; he only felt like it was familiar.

As to the orcs, they didn’t need to be mentioned.

Most of them only excelled in warrior energy and the power of totems; they knew nothing about magic energy. As a result, they couldn’t understand any magic runes or engravings.

“Although I don’t know when this blood-red altar is made of and what its uses are, I’m sure of one thing. From what we know, this altar wasn’t here a month ago, and there weren’t so many high-level fierce beasts here,” Entus said to Fei.

Fei was shocked, and he asked, “Your Holiness, you mean that this altar just appeared, and it is highly likely that this altar is linked to the ambush that we just faced?”

“I can’t think of another explanation,” Entus sighed and said, “I hope that we won’t run into any more trouble. We need to move forward. In about 2,000 kilometers, we will reach the Vicious Swamp. I hope that we can discover something there.”

-Three hours later-

The group was raided by countless high-level, human-shaped fierce beasts.

“Roar!” Blood was spilled as someone roared in anger.

During the chaotic battle, Bear O’Neal didn’t pay attention for a split second, and his arm was cut by the red sand saber of a high-level, human-shaped fierce beast. Blood flowed out instantly, revealing the white bone inside.

Something more terrifying happened. The saber made of red quicksand instantly collapsed, and the red sand grains flowed toward the wound on O’Neal’s arm and tried to dash into his body like bloodthirsty ants.

In an instant, this giant bear-man who was more than ten meters tall was negatively impacted. Half of his arm dried up like a dehydrated cucumber.

“Dumb Bear!” Bull Clan Chief Nowitzki was shocked, and he rushed over, trying to help O’Neal.

“Don’t come over!” O’Neal pushed Nowitzki away with his arm that was intact.

Magic energy was terrifying for orcs, especially this type of evil, bloodthirsty magic spells that the high-level, human-shaped fierce beasts mastered. Once the sand grains entered the body of an orc, it would spread like the plague, instantly turning a living being into a dry corpse. Even the top-tier masters had to dodge it.

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