Chapter 1035: Unique Beasts (Part One)

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Great Priest Nash laughed and explained, “They are completely different from fierce beasts. Although these unique beasts’ size is much larger compared to fierce beasts, their combat strength is weak and pathetic. They can only survive in the Vicious Swamp where there isn’t anything that can prey on them.”

“Now you say that, I’m really curious. Let’s catch one and see!” Fei’s curiosity was piqued.

“Haha! There is nothing hard about that!” Bull Clan Chief Nowitzki laughed and waved his hand, and a powerful streak of warrior energy dashed out. He captured a weak, animal-shaped fierce beast from the edge of the [Metal Desert] and pulled it above the Vicious Swamp.


This screaming and struggling fierce beast was crushed into pieces like a hammered watermelon, and the stinky blood and flesh landed into the clear water.

While Fei was confused by Nowitzki’s action, something unexpected suddenly happened. After sensing a bit of blood, the calm water suddenly rolled and turned as if it was boiling.

The white bottom of the lake gradually started to wriggle and move violently after a moment. In the end, the entire lake was chaotic, and Fei clearly saw the white, mud-like bottom of the lake coiling back up, taking in the blood and flesh of the fierce beast. Then, like a demonic sponge, it wriggled and completely absorbed the flesh of that 50 meters tall fierce beast as if it was chewing.

At this moment, many life and spirit energy fluctuations suddenly appeared in the silent and lifeless lake that seemed dead.

Fei was shocked by this sudden change.

Just a moment before, the king carefully scanned the area within ten kilometers of him with his vast spirit energy, and he didn’t detect any fluctuations of life energy of soul energy.

Fei’s spirit energy detection had never failed him before. However, he wasn’t able to sense these spirit energy waves! What happened? What was going on?

Now, people could even see the lifeform in the lake with their naked eyes.

‘Meat mountains’ rolled and tumbled in the water. It turned out that the white, mud-like bottom of the lake was the soft bellies of giant lifeforms.

In reality, these strange lifeforms had soft meat all over their bodies, and they were in different shapes. Most of them were in a thick, cylinder shape, and they looked like caterpillars that were enlarged by many times or piles of fat tissues. While wriggling, they fought for the flesh of the fierce beast.

The soul-spirit energy surges came from the ‘soft meat.’

“Could it be that these mystical creatures mastered spirit energy? That is why they avoided being detected by me?” Fei felt like his eyes were opened, and he thought, “There are all kinds of things in nature! It is truly fascinating, and humans can never truly guess all the wonders of the world.”

On the other side, the orc masters such as Nowitzki saw this scene and got all excited. While laughing, they started to hunt and kill these unique lifeforms with a level of passion that Fei had never seen before.

O’Neal was the most excited orc master out of the bunch.

“Hahahaha!” This giant bear was engulfed in warrior energy flames, and he grasped his hand and directly grabbed a unique beast that was more than 100 meters long out of the water.

Then, O’Neal slapped his hands casually, and the unique beast was cut into several hundred small pieces that were of equal size.

Instead of blood flowing everywhere, streaks of unique liquid that contained a mystical aroma flowed out. This was a strange yet rare scene.

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