Chapter 1035: Unique Beasts (Part Two)

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At this moment, the surprise on Fei’s face intensified.

From the frequencies of the soul-spirit energy waves, even though this meat-mountain-like unique beast was cut into many pieces, its vitality wasn’t reduced at all! Instead, it seemed like its life energy increased.

From the energy waves that this unique beast emitted, Fei didn’t detect any pain or struggle that most lifeforms would experience before death, and it also didn’t seem angry. After a moment of panic, it calmed down as if it had been used to this.

After searching for a bit, O’Neal took out a bright crystal from a piece of pink, fresh meat before casually tossing it into the lake. That crystal was about the size of an adult’s fist.

Fei’s eyes lit up.

He discovered that all the soul-spirit energy waves emitted by the unique beast came from this crystal.

The king turned around and observed, and he discovered that almost every orc master was doing what Bear O’Neal did.

After the excited orc masters captured the giant unique beasts from the lake, they used their warrior energies to cut the unique beasts into pieces. They kept the aromatic fresh meat and tossed the mystical silver crystal, which contained the soul-spirit energy waves, back into the lake.

Soon, chopped-up fresh meat piled up around the edge of the Vicious Swamp.

Now, Fei finally realized what was going on. These orcs were hunting for food!

These unique beasts were giant, and their meat was pink and aromatic. These unique beasts were top-quality ingredients, and their meat must be rare delicacies to the orcs living in the [Banished Land]. After all, ordinary orcs couldn’t come here to hunt down unique beasts.

However, Fei’s attention was still completely drawn to the silver and shiny crystals. He waved his hand and instantly grabbed a crystal that was just tossed into the water.

This silver crystal was about the size of an adult’s fist, and it had many clear facets as if it was a piece of top-quality diamond that a highly-advanced jeweler worked on with great tools. Under the bright sunlight, the crystal appeared to be brilliant, and it was reflective and didn’t contain any impurities. Everything could be seen inside, and the sunlight was refracted into streaks of colorful lights.

This crystal contained no magic energy, but it emitted active spirit energy waves. It felt like a soul lived in each crystal.

Now that Fei held one in his hand, it seemed like there was nothing inside. The soul-spirit energy waves disappeared. Regardless of how Fei scanned this crystal with his spirit energy, he couldn’t find anything wrong or spot the traces of soul-spirit energy waves.

“How is this possible? Did I detect it wrong?” Fei was even more shocked.

He tried to exert some force, and he discovered that this crystal was extremely tough. Even though he used 30 percent of his strength, he couldn’t crush this crystal.

Fei’s curiosity got stronger and stronger as he wondered, “This is too strange!”

“Your Majesty! You misjudged it this time! These crystals look pretty, but they are useless. Warrior energy can’t pass through them, and they can’t be engraved with totem symbols. Besides, since their texture is tough, it is impossible to turn them into decorative pieces. It is better to throw them back into the water so that they can absorb the energy in nature. In about a year, it will make another giant piece of fresh meat, hahaha!” Pope Entus walked to Fei and laughed.

Fei frowned and asked in surprise, “Your Holiness, you mean that after this crystal is placed in this water for a year, it will revive itself?”

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