Chapter 1036: Fei’s Plan (Part One)

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“That is right. We also discovered that these crystals contain soul and life energy waves, but we couldn’t decrypt the secret behind them. It is clear that these lifeforms exist in a strange way. The Beast God Palace has done a lot of research into this kind of crystal, but we only obtained limited findings. We estimate that such crystals have an innate ability to absorb energy from nature, and they could turn energy into physical matter. Take this edible and delicious fresh meat as an example. According to the calculation of the Beast God Palace, in less than a year, one crystal can grow out more than ten tons of fresh meat,” Entus explained with a smile.

“Such mystical creatures exist?” Aside from being surprised, Fei suddenly thought of something and suggested, “If this is the case, then you can collect such crystals and cultivate them near the homes of orcs. This way, you no longer need to hunt wild beasts and grow crops that often. One of such crystals can easily feed a small orc clan.”

“I held similar thoughts like you in the beginning, but we ran into issues in terms of plan execution; it was a pity. Just like what you saw, deadly gas fills the air here. In fact, the deadly gas is a by-product of when the silver crystals transform energy into physical matter. In the Vicious Swamp, such deadly gas is suppressed by the laws of nature, and it couldn’t freely float to wherever. Once these silver crystals leave the Vicious Swamp, the deadly gas will spread, easily taking away the lives of tens of thousands of orcs. The Beast God Palace paid a hefty price for that experiment back in the day.” A sad and shocked expression appeared on Entus’ face as he recalled the tragedy which happened several hundred years ago.

“So, these crystals can only provide you with a lot of delicious meat in the Vicious Swamp? This is the only way that the deadly gas won’t leak out?” Fei sighed and added, “It seems like many laws of nature are in place when the God of Creation made this world. There are countermeasures and various checks and balances in place. You can never harvest the reward without putting in the work. It seems like only Sun-Class Lords can come here and capture these unique beasts. It is impossible to mass-produce this type of meat to feed all orcs.”

“That is right.” Entus nodded and said, “Only during the years when we can’t harvest enough food, the clans will send out masters to form hunting teams. These teams will risk their lives and travel to the Vicious Swamp to capture these unique beasts, getting more food so that the clans can survive through the food crisis. Normally, only high-level nobles could enjoy such delicacies.

Fei played with the silver crystal in his hand as he pondered with his head lowered. Then, he frowned and asked, “I sensed soul spirit energy waves from this crystal earlier. How come I don’t sense anything now?”

“Haha! This is one of the special abilities of the unique beasts; they can hide all their traces, including life energy fluctuations. If they don’t show themselves, even true gods will have a hard time spotting them,” Entus praised, “They are indeed a unique lifeform. In fact, I don’t even know if I should call them lifeforms. Except for providing us with delicious meat, I can’t think of another use for them.”

“Huh? I feel like they are quite useful.” As Fei said that, he sent a streak of fear-inducing spirit energy wave using a technique that he learned from the purple scroll. This streak of spirit energy dove deep into the crystal; Fei was trying to force the soul inside the crystal to appear.

Just as he expected, when the fear-inducing spirit energy wave entered the crystal, a faint and unnoticeable soul energy wave flashed by.

Fei tried to communicate with spirit energy and threatened, “Little Guy, I know you are inside. If you don’t come out, I will destroy you.”

After saying that, the king used 60 percent of the strength of his Barbarian character, and a thin crack appeared on the silver crystal.

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