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Hail the King Chapter 1036.2

Chapter 1036: Fei’s Plan (Part Two)

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“Stop! Don’t!” A streak of angry and scared spirit energy finally shouted inside the crystal as a response.

“Now, this is better. If you are willing to answer my questions honestly, I won’t kill you.” Fei was slightly surprised, and he tried to communicate while threatening.

“You bunch of greedy demons! You already took my body that I spent a lot of energy on! What else do you want? Crystals are useless to you. Why can’t you leave my people alone?” The spirit energy inside this silver crystal was angry and terrified.

“As weaklings, you should get ready to be enslaved. In this world, the powerful prey on the weak. If condemnation worked, you wouldn’t be treated by others as food.” Fei continued threatening, “What, are you really angry? Do you want to avenge yourself? Unfortunately, what else can you do except for creating aromatic meat?”


The spirit energy inside the crystal shook violently as if a handful of salt was tossed into a pot of hot oil. Anger and reluctance filled its mind. In the end, it only gave out a long sigh.

After a moment of silence, it said, “What kind of creature are you? How come I have never seen anyone like you before? You are far more powerful than the dumb and barbaric behemoth orcs.”

Fei smiled and didn’t know what to say.

Behemoth orcs looked down at the unique beasts and treated them as food, but they didn’t know that these silver crystals were an intelligent lifeform. In these crystals’ eyes, the orcs represented idiocy and violence.

“I’m a great and honorable human, the lord of the land, and a member of a supreme race,” Fei said without feeling shameful.

He clearly sensed that even though the silver crystals were capable of intelligence, they were like six-year-old human children. Also, this species always lived in the Vicious Swamp and never got the chance to see the outside world. For these crystals, their understanding of the world was as blank as a piece of paper. Even if Fei said that he was the God of Creation, this silver crystal would have believed him.

“Human?” the silver crystal froze; it was clear that it didn’t know what this noun meant. In its long life, it saw orc masters coming to the Vicious Swamp to harvest their bodies. Therefore, this silver crystal had a rough understanding of the Behemoth Orc Tribe. However, it had never heard of the word ‘human’ before today.

“That is right. Humans are at the top of the food chain and are true masters.” Fei acted tough and continued his brainwashing process.

“What is the food chain?” The silver crystal was curious about the unknown, and it asked this question. Fei who was in the mood for a long speech was interrupted and almost puke up a mouthful of blood.

After a short pause, the king changed the direction and started to speak in an alluring tone, “Do you know why your race is so weak? Do you want to become stronger?”

“It is because we don’t have strong bodies and weapons. The bodies that I condensed are all too weak.” The silver crystal was about to be enchanted by the king. A weak race that had been treated as food and farmed at others’ will was very sensitive to the phrase ‘become stronger’. They were as pure as a piece of white paper, and their frustration had been accumulating for hundreds if not thousands of years.

“If I can give you and your peers tough bodies and power that suits your spirit energy, are you willing to surrender to me?” Fei was elated; it was very easy to fool children.

As expected, as soon as Fei tossed out the bait, a series of aggressive spirit energy fluctuations appeared in the silver crystal. If this crystal was a human child, it would have been drooling right now as if it was staring at a bucket of ice cream.

“Of course.” Spirit energy waves filled with anxiety and anticipation appeared inside the silver crystal, and it said without hesitation, “If you can give us powerful bodies and strength, we will take you as our king and stay loyal to you forever!”

Fei rubbed his chin and thought, “This thing accepted it so quickly and easily. Is this crystal trying to scam me?”

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