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Hail the King Chapter 1037.1

Chapter 1037: Named [No.1] (Part One)

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[TL Note: This is a 2-in-1 chapter, so 4 parts like always.]

After thinking for a while, the king said, “Since this is the case, you need to do something to show your sincerity. If you want everything that I mentioned, you need to sign a soul contract. If you betray your promises, you will instantly die, and the crystal race will completely disappear from this world.

“No problem, great human. If you can realize the promises that you made, our entire race will kneel before you.” Violent spirit energy waves appeared from the silver crystal, and it instantly agreed to the offer.

The king zapped his mouth and thought, “It seems like this silver crystal clan wants to get stronger.”

“Since this is the case, you can stay with me. When the time is right, you will get everything that you want.” Fei thought for a moment and placed this silver crystal into his storage ring. If his plan succeeded, Chambord’s strength was going to increase a lot in a short time, becoming the most terrifying force on the continent. Forces like the Holy Church, big empires, and other races wouldn’t be problems anymore.

This conversation between Fei and the silver crystal only lasted about a few minutes.

Although Pope Entus of Orcs mastered the power of totems and was knowledgeable, he wasn’t that good at spirit energy. Therefore, he didn’t know about the conversation between Fei and the silver crystal.

Seeing Fei placing that silver crystal into his storage ring, Entus smiled and asked, “What? Your Majesty is interested in these unique beasts?”

Fei smiled and replied, “It is my first time seeing this. Don’t you think that it is similar to diamonds in our previous world? Such a big diamond, hehe. It is rare to see. I’m going to take a few and make a few pieces of jewelry for my wives.

“Haha! I had similar ideas in the beginning. It will be cool to use these crystals to get closer to girls. However, a soul is hiding in each of the crystals, and they sometimes absorb the energy of nature and convert it into physical matter, releasing deadly gas. They are like mini time bombs. It is troublesome; you have to be careful.” Entus didn’t doubt Fei, and he laughed and reminded the king of the potential danger.

Fei nodded.

Before this mission was successful, the king didn’t want to tell anyone else about it. After all, it was critical to the future of Chambord.

Time quickly passed by.

In a great mood, these behemoth orcs killed many unique beasts that they called meat beast. Giant piles of meat already formed around the edge of the Vicious Swamp.

Before, the orc masters who came here through the [Metal Desert] could only take away a little bit of fresh meat. This time, they all received precious storage rings from Fei as gifts, and they could move a large volume of meat back to the tribe. In one afternoon, more than 10,000 meat beasts were ‘killed’.

The silver crystals in the meat were all tossed back into the lake, and the orcs were going to wait until they condense new bodies.

“It is about time. We should go back.”

When the sun was about to set, Entus ended this crazy hunting trip.

The 25 orc masters were fully loaded. They got enough meat to feed a giant city of orcs for one winter. With these top-tier storage rings, the orc masters could make a few more trips, and this would be the first winter in the last 1,000 years where Behemoth Orc Tribe didn’t lack meat as a food source.

“Guys, you can go first. I want to stay here for a while,” Fei suddenly said to the orc masters.

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  1. pipipopopopo

    interesting even these ‘soul stones’ can be stored in storage rings aren’t they just the perfect candidates

  2. Fimbulwinter

    “Guys, you can go first. I want to stay here for a while,” nothing suspicious was said this day :’)

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