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Hail the King Chapter 1037.4

Chapter 1037: Named [No.1] (Part Four)

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The king didn’t want to lie and fool this crystal, so he explained everything clearly.

This silver spiritual energy magic array came from the mysterious purple scroll, and it contained an unimaginable restrictive force. Once the contract was signed by both parties, no one could break it other than Fei himself.

“Of course!” the soul inside the silver crystal responded with a series of spirit energy fluctuations, “What is freedom? Since my birth until now, thousands of years have passed, and I enjoyed the highest degree of freedom. However, what did freedom bring me? I only know that things are relative. To get what I want, I must sacrifice something. To our clan, power and dignity are more important than freedom.”

This time, it was Fei’s turn to be stunned. After a pause, he replied with a smile, “Alright. I’m surprised that you are quite a philosopher. Let’s sign this contract then.”

Fei placed the silver crystal inside the patterns of the 3D spirit energy magic array, and a series of faint-silver spirit energy fluctuations appeared from the crystal and merged into the magic array. In the end, the two became one; it was impossible to tell them apart.

“Ok,” Fei said with a nod, “From now on, you will be called… No.1.”

After saying that, the king placed the silver crystal in the core of the pre-arranged magic array in the component for the belly of the mystical gold war puppet. As soon as the silver crystal was inlaid, streaks of gentle silver flames quickly merged into every single magic path on the inside of the armor. Then, the entire grand magic array started to operate as a whole at a slow pace until everything was completely integrated.

Fei heaved a sigh of relief and placed this component back into the mystical gold war puppet.

“[No.1], try to get used to your new body. See if you can control it.”

“Yes, honorable master.” A streak of cheerful spirit energy wave dashed out of the mystical gold war puppet.

Then, under Fei’s nervous stare, a series of metal-grinding noises sounded as the components rubbed against each other, and this mystical gold war puppet slowly took its first step. After this mystical gold war puppet’s first step firmly landed on the ground, it slowly walked forward.

“Great! A success!” Fei was thrilled.


However, in the next second, the mystical gold war puppet that walked forward for about three steps smashed onto the ground, creating a big crater.

“What is going on?” Fei was extremely nervous.

“Master, I… I… I’m not used to the weight of this new body. I… probably need about ten minutes or so to get used to it.” A series of shy spirit energy waves dashed out of the mystical gold war puppet.

Fei laughed self-mockingly after a short pause, and he thought to himself, “Yeah, I’m too impatient. Anyone who got a new body must get used to it. No one can run around right away.”

On the side, Dark Demonic Armor Basturk froze after seeing this.

He was the product of a demonic god of Hell, so he knew that no mortal could create life. However, his great and noble master used this method that no one else thought about to create a mystical gold war puppet that had intelligence and great combat strength.

This mystical gold war puppet wasn’t inferior compared to Basturk, and the Dark Demonic Armor sensed a little bit of danger. He was afraid that after [No.1] got used to its body, Fei would abandon him since he wouldn’t be of much value.

This guy was already thinking about how to flatter the king and show the king his true value.

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  3. Fimbulwinter

    “This guy was already thinking about how to flatter the king and show the king his true value.”
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