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Hail the King Chapter 1038.1

Chapter 1038: Only One Sword (Part One)

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[TL Note: This chapter and the next chapter are both 2-in-1 chapters, so they are all 4 parts.]

On the other side, after about ten minutes, the silver crystal finally got used to the mystical gold war puppet.

He could already make all kinds of poses and move in many ways like humans. He could run as fast as animals and casually jump up for ten meters. He could even mimic Fei’s movements and practice a complete set of fist techniques. With one punch, a stone that weighed about four tons was turned into dust.

“Great! Haha! [No.1], your performance is great. What do you think of this new body? Are you satisfied?” Fei laughed after seeing this scene.

Boom! The mystical gold war puppet kneeled on all fours, mimicking Dark Demonic Armor Basturk’s behavior. As all the metal components shivered in excitement, he said respectfully, “Great and honorable master! It is perfect! I feel unprecedentedly powerful! I can run and jump like those behemoth orcs. My fists can crush stones… Thank you, my great and honorable master! I admire you! [No.1] will serve you forever.”

Dark Demonic Armor Basturk who was standing on the side felt like cursing as he thought, “Damn it! How come this [No.1]’s flattering skill is smoother than mine? His mimic ability is too strong! He is going to learn everything that I know! How can I hang around Master in the future?”

Fei froze for a second; he also discovered [No.1]’s super talent – mimic.

The soul inside this silver crystal had a photographic memory and insane mimic ability. He was able to observe Fei’s fist technique once and practice it, and he learned how Dark Demonic Armor Basturk talked and behaved in front of Fei and instantly mimic them.

“It seems like I underestimated this silver crystal’s ability,” Fei thought to himself.

“Get up. [No.1], listen to me. The strength of your new body is beyond this. It contains insane magic power. I will explain to you all the functionalities of these magic arrays, and you need to memorize them. When you truly grasp the power of this new body, even those orc masters can’t defeat you,” Fei said with a smile.

Then, in detail, Fei told the silver crystal the activation method for each of the magic paths on the inside of the components and how to use them.

“Do you remember everything?” Fei asked after speaking for a long while.

“Great and honorable master, [No.1] remembers everything. However, from my initial estimate, I still need about one to two hours to get used to them,” [No.1] said with some shame. He functioned like a supercomputer.

Fei nodded and said, “Ok, you can try to get used to it. I will wait for you for two hours.”

Then, the king turned around and said to Dark Demonic Armor Basturk, “How about this? You can train [No.1]. You can tell him your combat techniques and battle style. I want you to train this mystical gold warrior into a powerful being like yourself.”

The Dark Demonic Armor who had been unsettled heard this and suddenly felt very joyous.

After a moment of pause, he asked in surprise, “Master… I… you want me to train [No.1]?”

“What? You are not willing?” Fei didn’t show this guy a good face.

“Ah? I’m willing! I’m willing! Your humble servant is willing to work for you, my great and honorable master,” Basturk said in excitement, and his voice was even shaking a little.

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